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  1. I didn't find the notes on Ebay or I don't have them! Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Thank you, thank you! I have gotten 5 books on for the various gen ed classes that I need and have spent less than $35.00 for all five. I am excited. I will go to the site you suggested NOW! Thanks again, Stacey
  3. Malpractice Insurance

    Yes, State Farm has a policy available. They are the ones I was talking about with the homeowners policy. I don't know if they offer it to people as an independent policy. Check it out anyway. It is worth a try. For me, it was half the cost of th...
  4. Malpractice Insurance

    We have a malpractice policy available under our homeowners insurance. It is specifically for nurses and is very inexpensive. If you own your home, check with your agent.
  5. Thanks for the information. I didn't even know that there was a distance learning forum. I will check it out. Congrats on finishing PN. I graduated in may of '06 and love it.
  6. I am sure that I am not the first to ask, but everyone's experience here is so valuable. I am just starting the LPN-RN bridge via Excelsior and got my study guides for the gen ed classes that I am short. I am studying to take the microbiology test...
  7. Am I just overly sensitive?????

    More genius. You guys are great! LOL!
  8. Very early in my nursing career, I had a patient with a known seizure disorder who was admitted for...a seizure. He was an elderly man with an elderly wife who had been taking care of this gentleman for years. She had his meds down in her own persona...
  9. Am I just overly sensitive?????

    Gettingupthere, that is just genius! Thanks for making my day!
  10. Am I just overly sensitive?????

    Ok, this subject has probably been covered a million times on this site, but I haven't seen it yet. So, a little insight, please... I work as a floor nurse (LPN) on a med surg floor in a small hospital. I took care of a patient s/p ortho surgery. ...
  11. Did you work while going to school?

    I worked through LPN school. Much depends on the type of student that you are. I worked full time in the ER of our local hospital as a tech. I didn't make a million dollars, but I made enough to live on and the experience (both the environment and...
  12. I am overwhelmed and humbled by all of your lovely compliments. Thank you. I love nursing and the wonderful people I have met who have made such an impact on me...both patients and coworkers. Thank you, again. Nursing is the joy of my life.
  13. My Stint In The ICU During Fallujah Attacks

    You should be as proud of your service to this wonderful country as I am of the incredible people who protect it. Semper fi.
  14. The Patient I Failed

    Just beautiful....
  15. Sign-on bonuses

    I have to agree with TheCommuter. By and large the facilities that need to offer huge bonuses are having some kind of retention/reputation problem. I am sure there are exceptions, but I am betting they are few and far between. Stacey