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    oh boy... 85 questions and feel like an idiot.

    I can relate to everything in your post even the cigarette part. I had the same experience this past week. I kept telling myself that when the computer reach 85 I was going to empty those two cups of coffee from my bladder and smoke a cigaette, then regroup. Because none of the questions where making any scense to me. I also had the same patteren and quality of questions as you, one after another. I studied hard so I knew that it couldn't arise a question that I shouldn't have known the answer to. But once I sat down and the first question came I was like this couldn't be the right test. Then I kept saying after each question that there has to be at least on question that I will definetly know the answer to. Low and behold the computer cut off at 85 and I left there stuck, upset and lose for thoughts and words. Good luck too you and lets pray that you pass.