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  1. CJsGirlRN

    Do you as a Hospice Nurse use a pulse oximeter?

    I check the pulse ox once in a while just to see if there has been any decline in the respiratory status, especially when a patient's recertification is coming soon. I have found too that in some patients who are not end stage resp disease have needed the o2 because i checked their pulse ox and it was significantly low. it helped with their perfusion, especially when they complain of cold hands and feet. I've considered getting my own but we have one we can borrow from our office when we need to.
  2. CJsGirlRN

    Hospice Oncall Staffing

    Our agency has a full time on-call nurse. Her job is basically to be on-call 5 days a week. Then the rest of the nurses just fill in the other days. Most of us only have to be on-call about once a month. We are very lucky!!
  3. CJsGirlRN

    new hospice job

    Well as for the weekends and holidays, they have nurses who do just on call and weekends, and they have enough people to rotate holidays so that i may have to work a major holiday once every few years. Of course I won't have all holidays off, but right now for my med surg job i have to work every other holiday and every other weekend. it will hopefully be a nice change of schedule.
  4. CJsGirlRN

    new hospice job

    After working in Med surg for 4 years on two very difficult units, I have been offered a job as a home hospice nurse. No more working every other weekend, no more working holidays. On call requires only 2 days a month. And i'm hoping for once i will be in a position where my nursing skills will be much more appreciated. I am so excited to be working with families to help them through their difficult times and to make the patient comfortable in their last days of their life. I am a little nervous, but excited at the same time, for a big change. Any advice to a new hospice nurse out there? Any good tips that you wish someone had told you when you started? Thanks!
  5. CJsGirlRN

    New Grad desperate for a JOB!!

    When I changed my nursing license from PA to NJ, I noticed it was so much harder to get a job in NJ than it was in PA. Even as a new grad, PA was so much more willing to offer me a job. Every job I applied for in NJ, most never even called me to acknowledge they got my application, let alone call me for an interview. I was lucky enough to finally get an interview at a hospital. Unfortunately, it does help if you know someone who already works at a hospital to help you to get your foot in the door.
  6. CJsGirlRN

    What to expect?

    I have been throwing around the idea of going back to school to get my NP. I already have my bachelor's and have been working as a nurse for almost 5 years. I'm just a little nervous about what to expect if I do decide to go ahead for it, such as what the courses are like?