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  1. Lchristine82

    San Jacinto LVN Program

    Hi I am trying to get in the San Jacinto LVN Program because I think its easier to get in when your already an LVN Pls. give me info about their program? Thanks in advance!
  2. Lchristine82

    A & P 1 Fall 2008

    Its going to be a busy semester
  3. Lchristine82

    A & P 1 Fall 2008

    I need a study buddy too I am taking A and P 1 and Micro
  4. Lchristine82

    seriously considering quitting my job--need suggestions

    I am taking my prereq right now. I work full-time and go to school. I only take two classes a semester. But I to work at the hospital. It is more flexible because you have a lot of choices with your schedule because they are open 24/7 so I suggest you try to work at the hospital or medical field. Good Luck!!!