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schoolnurseadmin has 2 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. Help Type 1 diabetic and lunch

    I had one in MS and he would bring his lunch box in to show me what he had eaten as he was known to not finish. He was dosed prior to eating.
  2. NICU nurses working on Peds

    hello nicu lovers! i have a question/concern! our nicu census has been low for several months now and we have been furlouging a few nurses daily. unfortunately, our pediatric floor is hopping to due rsv/pneumonia/rds, etc. because these units are...
  3. NICU NURSES....labeling breast milk???

    With such a large unit visitors must be an issue. What type of visiting policy do you have? Our unit used to be an adult ICU so our rooms are divided and close with sliding glass doors. There are 2-4 beds in each room on average. We allow 3 visito...
  4. NICU NURSES....labeling breast milk???

    Just curious what size (#of beds) facility do you work in that you have techs to prepare milk, etc.? I think we are a 16 or so bed facility, but actually accommodate 20+ at times and we don't even have a unit sec 24 hours a day and no techs to speak...
  5. NICU NURSES....labeling breast milk???

    Hello Everyone!! I am doing some research for our NICU to find an easy, more fool proof way to label breast milk for all the different patients in our unit. I would appreciate any and all feedback! Please let me know what facility you are from and wh...
  6. Took NCLEX PN stopped @85

    I passed!! It was the longest 48 hours of my life. Thankfully, I live in one of the states where you can find out within 48 hours if you passed or not! It was litterally 48 hours from the start time of my exam until my results were posted! Now on...
  7. Help c Math conversions/equivalencies!!!!!!!

    We use Nursing Math Simplified and it is basically the same process as Wondertech told you. You should be able to cancel everything out until you only have 1 unit left, the rest is cancellation and multiplication...etc. This book was a life saver. ...
  8. Just got home...shut off @ 86. any thoughts?

    I passed!! Time to party! Woo hoo!! *wine:dncgbby:
  9. Just got home...shut off @ 86. any thoughts?

    Congrats!!! I pray I will post the same soon!
  10. Just got home...shut off @ 86. any thoughts?

    I keep checking the website, thinking they will post it early! I am going out of my mind.
  11. Just got home...shut off @ 86. any thoughts?

    Hey Caitycamya! I took mine yesteday as well and it shut off at 85 or 86! I'm so nervous I could puke. I will pray for you!
  12. Took NCLEX PN stopped @85

    :bluecry1:Hello everyone, what a great site! I took my PN NCLEX today and it shut off at 85! I am totally freaking out. I know I got some right, but I feel like a lot of the stuff was greek to me! The next 48 hours are going to be torture! Is 85...