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  1. nursealanarae

    I need some nursing knowledge shares please-new nurse

    i am glad you found this out! i have limited experience with dialysis patients, so it is good to know! but, yes. always look at protocol. 2. i wouldn't put scd's on open wounds, even if they are covered by a dsg. encourage ankle pumps! see if there are other methods this patient could have for dvt prevention. 3. i would definately out the scd's on even if the patient is taking lovenox. they work together.
  2. nursealanarae

    I need some nursing knowledge shares please-new nurse

    I would definately call the doctor for the lovenox order and then follow-up with the dialysis nurse, although I don't think it would be bad to give it. I would never put any kind of compression stockings or device on an extremity that had open ulcers. That is just not a good idea.
  3. nursealanarae

    How often can I say no?

    You HAVE to say no. They will constantly call you and EXPECT you to work extra. You have a life outside your job. if they need staff that badly, they should hire more.
  4. nursealanarae

    MOM vs. Suppository?

    I am a fairly new nurse (year in) and I just have a question about BM's. I had a patient whom had a whoping pelvic fx with ext. fixator. He had a bowel movement the day before and then a small, hard BM that day. He said he felt as if he needed to go more. He said he didn't need to right then and there, but needed more of a stool softener. He was already on colace TID and Senna at night. I wasn't sure if I should give him a suppository or MOM because I didn't want him to sit on a bedpan for a long period of time because he was on bedrest. Plus, it was at 7pm at the end of my shift. So, I gave him the MOM. Did I do thr right thing? What do you nurses prefer? Thanks Alana