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  1. kalley

    36 hours to go and in need of some reassurance

    I got home about two hours ago after taking the NCLEX. The machine shut off after 76 questions (I think I missed question 75). I did the PVT after it was available and I got the good pop up. YEAH ME!!!! Thanks for giving me a little boost when I needed it!
  2. I am 36 hours away from taking my NCLEX-RN. I graduated the first week of May. I took a 1-2 weeks off and then started listening to NCLEX audio when I am driving. I have also read the Kaplan review book and took the practice test on which I scored 73%. I have also been reading from some other review books and doing 200+ questions a day for the last week. I took a Mosby's practice exam and scored 78%. About a month ago I scored 1059 on my Exit Hesi which is in the 96th percentile. Mostly I am confident, but I took a test on NCLEX 3500 and only scored 60% (a couple of the questions were scored wrong due to not formatting fill in the blank answers correctly) and another one from a HESI book and scored 68% and my confidence was shaken. I don't know that I would ever feel fully prepared for this. I think I just need some reassurance that I can do this. Thanks for taking a minute to let me have a little melt down.
  3. I am scheduled to take my NCLEX-RN for the first time on Wednesday. I scored 1059 on my exit Hesi and usually score 70-80% on my practice tests through Kaplan and Mosbys. My confidence is getting better, but I would like to try some Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) if there is any practice available. Can anyone steer me in the direction if they are aware of anything. Thanks in advance.
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  5. kalley

    Male Student Nurse Interested in OB.

    I say go for it! I have heard of male OB nurses, though I have never seen it. I work p/t on an OB floor as a tech and have seen many male nursing students going through their rotation. Most women don't mind at all. Also, to take it one step further, there is a male midwife in our area, and I have heard nothing but wonderful things about him. Good luck in your future endeavors!
  6. kalley

    Help PLZ! Nursing DX for neck abscess?

    I am just gonna throw some out there, since I am taking a break from studying these anyway... Chronic Confusion, Risk for Situational Low Self Esteem, Risk for Infection. How about adding one about her mental ability or coping skills based on your interactions with her. Sorry I can't be of more help. We just started these last week and are having a quiz on them tomorrow. Good luck with your care plan.
  7. kalley

    VENT: scantron error

    That is a huge obsession of mine. I am so afraid of doing bad on a test because I mislabeled my scantron. I always take the test like 2-3 times. I go through it the first time and bubble in all my answers on the scantron and circle the answer I picked on the test page. At the end of each page, I check the number of the question that I am on and make sure that I am on the same number on the scantron. When I am finished, I go over the test again without looking at the scantron. If I make any adjustments to my answers (which you should almost never do unless you are absolutely sure), I immediately change them on the scantron. After I finish going through the test the second time, I double check my answers on my test sheets against what I bubbled on the scantron. Every now and then I find that I am off track, but I have yet to really mess up bad (knock on wood). The worst thing that really happens is I read the questions so many times that I start to second guess myself and I change an answer that was otherwise right. But it has worked so far so good, I have a 4.0 to show for it.
  8. kalley

    Can't log in to get NCLEX results

    I wrote a post the other day about my aunt taking her NCLEX-PN. They told her that she should be able to log in today and get her results. We tried and it won't let us. When we try to create a new web account it says we are already in the system. When we try to retrieve her username, it says that they can't locate it and she needs to call customer service (which of course isn't open until Monday). She has recieved emails from them, including her ATT so we know they have the correct email address. She registered for her test over the phone and doesn't remember them asking her for a username and password. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or have any suggestions? Thanks for any information you can give.
  9. kalley

    NCLEX-PN ?

    Thanks for the info. That is definitely promising. You are right, it was 85 questions. I remembered wrong and just checked with her. Thanks again.
  10. kalley

    NCLEX-PN ?

    My aunt just finished her NCLEX-PN test today. She felt as though she did ok, but wasn't 100% sure that she passed. The reason for this is that she only had 80 questions, 90% were pharmacology questions with meds she really had never heard of, and 25% of them were choose all that apply. Overall she felt as though this was a hard test, and she was a A/B student all through LPN school and was once a paramedic. For those of you that have taken the test, do things sound promising for her? Please let me know your feelings on this. We are all pulling for her. Thanks for any insight you can give.
  11. kalley

    Crocs Insoles?

    I start nursing school clinicals next week. I bought a pair of Landau RX shoes that I like okay, but they are not my Crocs. I wear Crocs for work as an OB Tech, and I love them and wish I was allowed to wear them to clinicals. I have wore the Landau shoes to work a few times to break them in. Needless to say, my feet and legs started to ache about 4-6 hours in. I have since saw that the Crocs website has insoles. Has anyone tried these? Do they make other shoes any closer to the feel of Crocs? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I don't use any particular brand name, but I find that if the sock has a little cushion on the bottom, thinner top for breathability, and extra support around the arch they are usually pretty good. I got some from Walmart, made by Danskin that I love, I also have some by Addidas that I like. I have never tried Thorlo so I really can't comment on those.
  13. I have the Second Edition of the Fundamentals Success book mentioned earlier. It was the best one of the 3 that I have to practice fundamentals. I just took my first test, using it to study, and passed with a 93.5%. I also have the Saunders Comprehensive Review and the Hesi Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN. They both were a bit more involved because they are more geared toward the overall test. The Hesi book does a great job at scaling down the information and bluntly giving you the important stuff, it just doesn't have as many good questions. In looking through the Saunders book, I can definitely see how that will be helpful in the long run. I hope you are able to find a book that works well for you. Good Luck.
  14. kalley

    Organization Help

    With my summer courses behind me and all of my pre-reqs finished, I am officially a nursing student. Classes start in about 3 1/2 weeks. I am a decent student. I was able to keep a 4.0 through A&P 1&2 and Micro. I know nursing school will be hard work, especially with a part time job and 2 kids. My biggest concern is organization, not of my time, but of all of the stuff. I know that nursing school is a whole different beast than the other classes I have taken. I am curious how some of you have successfully organized yourself. Did you use a PDA or planner? Did you keep your clinical stuff separate from your class stuff? Did you buy something that helped you keep everything straight? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help.
  15. I work as a scrub tech at a large inner city teaching hospital. I often feel that there is a separation between the midwives and nurses. Not that the nurses are mean or anything, but you often see that they don't agree with the midwife's way of doing things. I have took the side of the midwives on more than one occasion regarding eating during labor, birth plans, or monitoring. I have had a couple of nurses get a little touchy when you suggest that the midwife model is better. I tend to keep it to myself that midwifery is the path that I intend to pursue after I get my RN. Mostly I just tell them that I plan to pursue labor and delivery nursing exclusively after I graduate. It is sometimes uncomfortable for me, but it keeps the conflict at a minimum.
  16. kalley

    2008 vs. 2009 Drug Guide

    I looked into downloading it from Skyscape for my ipod touch, but unfortunately it doesn't come in that format. So, now I am stuck with getting a book, but I did get free epocrates on my Touch.