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Woodholl has 12 years experience and specializes in L&D, NICU, Med/Surg,.

LPN seeking her RN

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  1. Woodholl

    Anyone in North Idaho?

    I think if you ask 100 different nurses this question, you might get a 100 different answers. I work at a little hospital in Southeast Idaho and I love it, however, I've worked at a bigger hospital which I didn't appreciate at all, but have friends who work there and they love it.
  2. Woodholl

    Moving to Idaho. Lpn to RN/BSN programs?

    Tricia, I graduated also from the same program that Vkubiak graduated from and even though it was intense, it was so worth it. There were plenty of people who lived more than 3 hours away that attended while I lived about 2 hours away. We met once or twice a month for a day or two. It wasn't hard to keep my full time job while going to school, although, clinicals take up some time. :) It was an excellent program with the most AWESOME instructors. Truly leaders in their field. If you want more information, please, let us know. :) It was a fantastic experience. :loveya:
  3. Woodholl

    How accurate is ATI predictor???

    My ATI said I had a 95% of passing NCLEX. I passed on the first try with 75 questions. :)
  4. Woodholl

    Advice for Retaking Nclex RN

    Have to agree with Silverdragon. I think I did over 4000 questions. I studied the rationales and then went over the "random" thread. I also had a Saunders NCLEX-RN book and I went over her pyarmid points on each page.
  5. Woodholl

    please do i fail with this?

    The NCLEX is a random test. You never know what kinds of questions you're going to get. There is no way to know if you passed or not until they give you your results.
  6. Woodholl

    I Passed: I Am Soooo Happy

  7. Woodholl

    August 2008 Nclex Testtaker

    I got about 4 or 5 SATA. Two dosage questions and a few priority and delegation. Everyones test is different, though. Keep that in mind. I had two friends take theirs the day before and one had no SATA and no dosage. The other had about 16 SATA and 6 dosage. I believe it's completely random.
  8. Woodholl

    Authorization to Test

    And, did you pay your fee to PearsonVue to test?
  9. Woodholl

    I just took the exam an hour ago....

    Take a long walk, go shopping. Relax. It's really not worth making yourself sick!! Easier said that done, I know, but please, try to relax, read a book, clean your house. (Even though I was literally sick for the two days waiting for my results!)
  10. Woodholl

    Authorization to Test

    Has your school sent in everything to them so they can send you an ATT? After my school sent in everything, I got my ATT in about 3 days.
  11. Woodholl

    Took NCLEX-RN today ughhhhhh

    Congrats!! You did it, RN!!
  12. Just wanted to say I took my test Tuesday and passed, first try with 75 questions. It was a mess when I got in there. There was another girl, with the same first name who was checked in under my name. When she got to her computer, she noticed that the name on the screen wasn't hers, but mine. She alerted the proctor who led her back out, rechecked her in under her own name, and she started to test. When it came time for me to test, they couldn't check me in because they'd deleted my profile or whatever and couldn't get me to come back up. With several phone calls to the NCSBN, they had to completely delete me out of the system and redo all my testing information. It took over an hour and fifteen minutes. Believe me, by this time, I was thinking if "this" was how my day was going to be, maybe I should just reschedule. But, I'd traveled four hours to get there. I wasn't gonna leave. I took my test, did the best that I could and now, after 12 years of being an LPN, I am finally a RN. The random fact-throwing thread was excellent review, NCLEX 3500, Saunders, and so were all the prayers, and especially to my awesome husband, who walked to the local cathedral and said prayers for me. Don't give up hope. After all that terrible morning, I still did it, and believe me, if I can do it -- anyone can!
  13. Woodholl

    Recent Nclex takers

    I have to do all my math by dimensional analysis... I can't remember all the formulas anymore. Here's a shortcut. We all know that there is 60 minutes in 1 hour. 500 mL x 5 mcg x 91 kg x 60 min ______________________________= 33.75 or 34 mL/hr 400000mcg convert the milligrams to micrograms and then convert the lbs to kilograms.
  14. Woodholl

    math time - please help

    OK... Got it. Thanks. I had my equation all set up wrong... Shoulda had the mcg on the top and not on the bottom.
  15. Woodholl

    math time - please help

    not sure, but I'm getting 0.129 or 0.13mcg/kg/min. Am I close? I have to use dimentional analysis to get my math to come out.