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Thanks for all the prayers and great threads...

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Just wanted to say I took my test Tuesday and passed, first try with 75 questions.

It was a mess when I got in there. There was another girl, with the same first name who was checked in under my name. When she got to her computer, she noticed that the name on the screen wasn't hers, but mine. She alerted the proctor who led her back out, rechecked her in under her own name, and she started to test.

When it came time for me to test, they couldn't check me in because they'd deleted my profile or whatever and couldn't get me to come back up. With several phone calls to the NCSBN, they had to completely delete me out of the system and redo all my testing information. It took over an hour and fifteen minutes. Believe me, by this time, I was thinking if "this" was how my day was going to be, maybe I should just reschedule. But, I'd traveled four hours to get there. I wasn't gonna leave.

I took my test, did the best that I could and now, after 12 years of being an LPN, I am finally a RN.

The random fact-throwing thread was excellent review, NCLEX 3500, Saunders, and so were all the prayers, and especially to my awesome husband, who walked to the local cathedral and said prayers for me.

Don't give up hope. After all that terrible morning, I still did it, and believe me, if I can do it -- anyone can!


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Congrats!!! :balloons::clpty::smiley_aa

Congratulations! that is great!:yeah:

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