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  1. RNnTrainin'

    shut off at 100 something

    In my opinion, NO, I only had 8 SATA, I cut off at 75 and passed. I don't think it's as much about the question "type" as it is about the question "content". You can have a very high level question that is a multiple choice, and a basic knowledge question that is SATA.
  2. RNnTrainin'

    Yeah!! I Passed!!!

    I'm right there with you. Went Wednesday, and the wait is killing me!!!!! Congrats to the OP!!!!! Way to go!!!
  3. RNnTrainin'

    shut off at 100 something

    YAY - you passed!!! I did say a prayer for you!!! Did you end up doing the trick first, I can't remember?
  4. I took the review, and LOVED it!!! There was no real reason other than that was what she thought was best for us. Sitting there, not having a true "end" in sight, is mentally and physically hard on us. She said to take a break just to "rest" and "recharge" basically. I didn't follow the advise though....I didn't think I had been sitting long enough (for me) to need a break. I think she wanted us to know, the breaks are there, so take them. My mind did wonder a time or two, but I focused myself, and I was okay. I would not sit for the whole first two hours though, I would at least take a bathroom break if you find yourself in that position. You will be fine on time, do what is best for you and for your mind. This will be a VERY important day for you, and you need to stay sharp as a tack!! Good luck on your exam! If you have any questions about the review or the book, please feel free to contact me, I just went through it a few weeks ago. Also, the q review is great!!
  5. RNnTrainin'


    Most of my questions were priority and application. I had a few SATA. I guess it's normal to feel like this, huh? I don't know anyone who has walked out saying "oh, I did great"!! lol I did to the pearson vue trick, and got the good pop up, just don't know how reliable that is.
  6. RNnTrainin'


    Just wondering if anyone experienced failing NCLEX with just 75 questions? I only had 75, and feel pretty rotten about it. I won't get my results until tomorrow.
  7. RNnTrainin'

    NCLEX Question Style (Saunders vs. Kaplan)

    I think that is key. Know the processes, and be able to look deep into them. The answer that you "know" will most likely not be a choice, you will have to go through the whole process to choose the right one.
  8. RNnTrainin'

    Took NCLEX today. Crazy!

    What are the other alternate Q's? I had around 8 SATA's and cut off at 75. Did pearson, and got the good pop up. I thought for sure I had failed.....I was thinking SATA were the "highest" level of questions. Are there others?
  9. RNnTrainin'

    Took my NCLEX-RN today.........

    I will def say one for you....right now! Thanks!!!!
  10. RNnTrainin'

    Took my NCLEX-RN today.........

    what do you mean by "peaking"?
  11. RNnTrainin'

    Took my NCLEX-RN today.........

    Was it what you expected or worse? I am just sick right now. Trying to cling on to any amount of hope I can find. I know I have prepared......it's just the unknown, I guess. Thanks for the reply! Good luck to you!!!
  12. RNnTrainin'

    Took my NCLEX-RN today.........

    Our class took a ATI predictor test. It gave us the "probable pass rate" for the first time taking the NCLEX. It was basically a med-surg 150 q test.
  13. RNnTrainin'

    Took my NCLEX-RN today.........

    I go to take mine tomorrow. Was it as bad as most of us anticipate? What did any of you use for reviews? Did you happen to take and predictor tests?
  14. RNnTrainin'

    Just took Boards May 2010

    How long after taking your test did you try to re-register?
  15. RNnTrainin'

    1st year nursing student

    I think this will make you a better student. You will cross paths with some students who don't care, and just want to get through the day as quick as possible. I graduate in May, and I have had many days like you have. Wondering if what I heard was REALLY what I heard. Just remember, you chart what you see/hear! Don't follow someone else's lead. If you ever have a question, grab another student (that you trust) or better yet the instructor - this will show them how eager you are to learn, and some one on one teaching time is the best! Stay with it, you will feel like a lost dog, and one day, it will all come together and make sense. Now, I'm not saying we will know it all, but things will come together. My instructor told me my "light had come on" over the summer, and it really boosted my confidence! It will come for you too! Good luck to you!
  16. RNnTrainin'

    Test question, just wanted your thoughts

    i love your replies. the way you explain the answer helps so much. you really should look into instruction! i know a lot of nsg students who would love an instructor who was a fragment of you! thanks again!!!