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  1. mommyX2


    Try hillcrest. They hire new grads (I was one of six they hired in 2008) and I consider that a job I would go back to in a heartbeat if we still lived in the area.
  2. mommyX2

    Low blood sugar, juice or D50?

    At the hospitals I have worked at the general rule was that if the patient was alert, you give food or maybe a glucose tab. D50 was for non-responsive pts or pts too far out to eat.
  3. mommyX2

    help me not dread telemetry

    One way to look at telemetry, in order to like it more is to think "at least I know at the beginning of my shift that those pts are alive". That is what makes me love tele. Pts without tele scare me cause I never know what I will find when I go in that room.
  4. mommyX2

    Is Nursing Bad (Too Stressful) for Pregnancy?

    I am about to hit 35 weeks pregnant and have not had any trouble. I work 2 12 hour shifts per week (just went down from 3) and still take contact pts. I just follow the same precautions as anyone else and get help when moving pts.
  5. mommyX2

    moving to richmond. Icu recommendations needed

    VCU is the main trauma hospital in Richmond (I am pretty positive it is the only level one trauma hospital in that area. I went to school there, worked as a care partner, and did an externship there. I would recommend it. And to top it off I am from Ohio too. I wouldn't steer a fellow buckeye in the wrong direction.
  6. mommyX2

    Questions about Hillcrest hospital, OH

    I don't know much about the addition since they were just putting up the frame when I left but I know that all rooms will be private which is much better than having to deal with the small rooms and roomate issues. I am also not sure about when they will be hiring, I would imagine it would be soon so that they can get some of the May grads. As for pay it is average for the area. I started at 23.00 per hour with $1 shift diff for evenings and $1 on top of that for nights. I however was a new grad so I am not sure what they pay an experienced nurse to start.
  7. mommyX2

    Questions about Hillcrest hospital, OH

    I worked for Hillcrest last year and only left because my hubby decided to stay active duty military. I loved it! I worked with some of the best people. I highly recommend it (3 main is the best)! Good luck!
  8. mommyX2

    Moms who have made it through nursing school!

    I started working on my BSN when my son was 2 and I did it while I was a single momma. During my time in college I got married, transferred schools (my husband is army so I moved to be with him), and had a baby my senior year. You can do it! I firmly believe, like many of the people posting here that if you really want it, no matter what you can make it happen. Good luck!
  9. mommyX2

    Hospital recommendations in the Richmond area?

    I know VCU is hiring. It is a level one trauma center and a teaching hospital. Good luck.
  10. mommyX2

    Telemetry versus Med/Surg floor for beginners?

    I am on a tele floor and 99% of our patients are medical cases. Loads of time management skills obtained and valuable tele knowledge gained.
  11. mommyX2

    Which blood pressure reading is correct?

    What about a dynamap and a manual bp?
  12. mommyX2

    How to prioritize new admissions to floor? Highest Priority?

    I disagree. I think the new admit should at least be looked at first. Just last night the nurses were given a pt from the er. They looked at the patient and recognized that they were in respiratory failure. Pt was down in the ICU within an hour of coming up. ER can be wrong in their assessment of an acuity.
  13. mommyX2

    mid-shift floating

    I agree that if patients are already assigned and under the care of the 12 hour nurse that the assignment should not change but unfortunately so many nurses hate floating and can't look beyond what is best for the patient that I doubt hospitals will change the protocol. Now, in regards to literature, there is a lot stating that anytime there is patient handoff that the risk for errors increase. Those types of articles can back up your argument since everytime one nurse reports off to another nurse it is considered a "hand-off" and it is widely documented that hand-offs are detrimental to patient care.
  14. I am not assigned an LPN but I work as a team with an LPN and we have a CNA assigned to patients but not to our team.
  15. mommyX2

    mid-shift floating

    I think that anytime there is not continuity of care there is the chance that negative outcomes will occur. With that said I can also understand the challenges when staffing floors. Do you keep the nurse who has been with the patient for the last four hours or do you take a nurse who will be with the patient for the next eight?