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  1. The youngest new mother's you've seen

    we had a 12 year old not too long ago... is just soooo sad
  2. Morphine dose in vial?

    We always have 2 and 4 mg. Never higher than that
  3. I just have to say this....

    Can i work there too¿... Promise i will not complain
  4. It's your turn now, nurse!

    As a l/d nurse I know what u going through!! But have faith that everything is gonna go as expected!! Keep us posted
  5. NCLEX RN Flunker

    I'm surprised u haven't been able to get them yet!! I got mine two days later! That waiting is the worse!!! Stay positive!!!
  6. NCLEX RN Flunker

    Why r u still waiting for results?? It's already the 11th. Don't u have access to them online? Good luck!!!
  7. Does working in L&D affect your sex drive?

    It doesn't bother me at all!! Work stays at work!!! When something goes wrong in the hospitalIm just thankful that my kids were healthy and full term.
  8. For the l and d nurses

    Omg omg omg that's the last pt I had!!! R u spying on us?? Cannot stop laughing
  9. U def should go and work night given that is so easy and well paid. I do nights and I do not get breaks or go to the bathroom many times. And on top of that there is no help, no staff .... U keep adding to the list. I would gladly give u my extra mon...
  10. Circulating c-sections

    On my unit whoever is taking care of laboring mom will circulate and recover the patient. take care of the baby when comes out together with the pediatrician that has to be there when baby comes out. If baby is stable we keep it so mom can bond after...
  11. This would be the most devastating thing.

    OMG! I thought I was being dramatic!! I love the show ( ER) and this last episode affected me deeply! I kept thinking how horrible feeling to get to work and find your child fighting for his/her life!! I just pray to god to keep my children safe! :re...
  12. starting in a week and scared

    hello there:just wondering how are you doing in the new job. I started at about the same time and i am happy to say that so far i have been having a good time.
  13. To treat or not, that is the question

    Well i live in the US, but my area has a big incidence of TB. So i was probably exposed to it. I also had the vaccine in my my country, but never tested positive before. So my two options are either the treatment of rifampin or xray once a year.
  14. Hello everyone: i just started working 3 weeks ago. When i was going through my physical and lab tests with employee health my ppd was positive. They refered me to the chest clinic on my county. Well, long story short, the x ray was clear, but now th...
  15. Full Circle, My First Year of Nursing

    Hello Weebaby. Well, my first week was not bad at all, it was orientation, so it actually felt like nursing school. Monday is going to be my REAL first day! I'll be working from 7a to 7p. I am excited and afraid at the same time. Let's see how it goe...