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FieryGingerRN has 7 years experience and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. FieryGingerRN

    Leadership & Management

    Thank you so much!
  2. FieryGingerRN

    Leadership & Management

    Thank you for your reply! I will look for these! :)
  3. FieryGingerRN

    Leadership & Management

    What books have you all found helpful to your leadership & management roles in nursing? I would prefer to purchase books that are truly helpful, as there are so many to choose from. Thank you in advance!
  4. FieryGingerRN

    Help please how to decline a job

    Be honest and tell them you are unable to accept the position due to your husband's recent unexpected illness. They will be disappointed, but they will understand. Being able to be with your husband is more important right now, he will need your support and care. May God bless you and your husband through this journey.
  5. FieryGingerRN

    How long is your commute?

    7 minutes!! I love my sleep, so that is perfect for me!!
  6. FieryGingerRN

    I saw another nurse assault a patient

    Report this! That poor patient was physically and verbally abused. If this nurse treated the patient this way in front of two witnesses, imagine what he does or has the ability to do to patients with no witnesses! Whether you are in competition with him or not, you have to report what you saw. Do the right thing!
  7. FieryGingerRN

    MSN-Nurse Leader

    The MSNs I have met are nursing instructors, directors of nursing departments, CNOs, etc. I mentored with the director of my unit when I worked as a floor nurse working on my BSN. I learned quite a bit from her. It sounds like you are on the right track and you are a leader. You will have to choose what interests you the most. Good luck!
  8. FieryGingerRN

    Tell me about your position

    What I like most: working with my staff and creating a pleasant work environment in which in turn creates higher productivity. What I like the least: having difficult conversations with staff members. Adults know right from wrong. As a manager, I have had to counsel and write my staff up for things that I would not expect from responsible adults. It's all part of my position of course, but it would be easier if everyone would just do their jobs!!
  9. FieryGingerRN

    Tell me about your position

    Nurse Managers: What do you enjoy most about your job? What do you enjoy least about your job?
  10. FieryGingerRN


    There are many avenues in nursing, which is fortunate. You probably need to explore your options. If you like the smaller settings, maybe you could continue hospice nursing, or a doctor's office. If your company is going bankrupt, I am sure there is a competitor right around the corner who would love to have you. I think with nursing, you either love it or you hate it,and you will become burnt out if you do not love what you do. Explore until you've found your niche. Good luck!
  11. FieryGingerRN

    RN or LPN?

    We have both RNs and LPNs in our company doing home visits. We also have certified home health aides to help the patients with ADLs. The RNs are required to make supervisory visits every 14 days. I hope this helps.
  12. FieryGingerRN

    My WORST mistake in hospice...sniff

    We unfortunately sometimes learn from our mistakes. Could you not have blocked the person? Do not beat yourself up about it, just process everything and move on knowing that you will not make that same mistake again!
  13. FieryGingerRN

    Satisfying exhaustion

    Nurses work their bums off all day every day, however it is a very rewarding career! I have been so exhausted that I could not eat, and could barely even think after a 12 hour shift. 3 or 4 12s in a row kicked my butt...I would spend my first day off in a vegetative state on my couch! It's what we do though! :)
  14. FieryGingerRN

    We are Nurses and we can do anything

    Fix the TV remote. Find the right TV channel, fix the beds...I should have applied to the engineering department!
  15. FieryGingerRN

    Cut corners

    RN819, your story sounds a lot like mine. I was constantly staying late to chart after my shift to "get everything done." I did the full assessment on all of my patients. My floor was so busy it felt like I could never keep up. Time management is huge with floor nursing! My preceptor taught me to try not to be so wordy in my charting, and to start my assessments right after report. Let your team members do as much as they can for the patients so you can get your tasks done. It takes a great team to be able to get through a 12 hour shift and get it all done. Also remember, the next shift can pick up where you left off. Keep your head up! Maybe you should consider a slower paced environment? The great thing about nursing is there are so many different avenues you can explore!
  16. FieryGingerRN

    Tender Touch - Its Long-Lasting Effects

    Such a beautiful story! Touch is an important part of compassionate care.