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Wellness Coach, ICU, PACU, OR, Mgmt
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greenergrass has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Wellness Coach, ICU, PACU, OR, Mgmt.

After 13 years of nursing & leadership, I've finally found my true calling in wellness coaching. While I'm still a full-time RN at a community hospital, I'm now dedicating my heart to assisting others in creating their best lives.

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  1. greenergrass

    Different Stress Relievers, Which Would You Choose?

    Tried it. Not my thing, but most people love it. I'm into Yoga right now...and, of course...Sex is always a great stress reliever!
  2. greenergrass

    Healthier Living Thread Part V

    Tweety - Are you trapped inside with the "babies" for 9 days? Is there a dog park around? Maybe they can go romp & play? Are they loud? If so...mp3 player & headphones! Of course, it's not very healthy...but chocolate & wine always works! Seriously my dogs are either my best stress relief or drive me stark raving mad & sometimes in the same hour. We're with you babe.
  3. greenergrass

    Healthier Living Thread Part V

    cheat days....ohh, i used to have those. i would deprive myself all week & then become pig girl for a day... kind of felt a bit bipolar. now i have "reward evening" every week i have this time when we go out & i chill. it's dinner out (nothing huge, fattening, or crazy, but i don't cook), a glass or 2 of wine & then dessert at the local ice cream parlor - moose tracks!!!! this is enough of a reward. oh, & for the daily chocolate fix - i've got the chocolate chips mixed into my nut & seed snack mix - otherwise i'd be buying at least 2 candy bars every day!! a girl's gotta have chocolate!!!
  4. greenergrass

    The Patient I Failed

    Of course this was the winning article a touching story, eloquently written! Fabulous! A true representation of the humanity & inhumanity in healthcare today. Thank you & Congratulations!
  5. greenergrass

    Healthier Living Thread Part V

    Mercy - How often do you eat? I ask because there's a ton of research on eating as fuel - keeping the metabolic furnace fueled. Most nutritionists are now recommending 5-6 small meals spread no further than 3-4 hours apart. (of course, still within the allotted caloric limit) Kim
  6. greenergrass

    Any Cyclists out there?

    Beautiful set up! Some day...
  7. greenergrass

    What type of exercise do you do??

    Ahhh! A fellow tri! Cool! I'm doing my very 1st tri on October 5th. Wish me luck. Very nice to meet you "Iam46yearsold" I am 41. So much nicer in my 40's than earlier years when I took my health for granted! I'm hoping to do a 1/2 marathon next year - if my unhappy foot/ankle lets me.
  8. greenergrass

    Any Cyclists out there?

    You are AWESOME! How far are you from work? I live 30 miles & work 7a-7:30p. I'm just not up to it yet. I would LIKE to be & keep thinking of it. I just can't picture it yet. What kind of bike do you have? Do you bike in your scrubs? Do you keep all your stuff @ work? I have soooooooooooo many questions for you! Well guys...I'm off for my 15 miler & then hitting the pool before my day begins.
  9. greenergrass

    Healthier Living Thread Part V

    Welcome Proud Mave!!!:spnngwlcm: Sounds like you're off to a wonderful start. You are wrapped in well wishes & happy thoughts! Kim
  10. greenergrass

    Healthier Living Thread Part V

    O.k., NOW it's Friday...isn't it? Sorry! I work 3 days a week...get confused sometimes! It's the Alzheimer's! Hope you're feeling better after the chest pain thing!!! Yikes! That's scary! I'm glad you went & got checked out. Good thinking... Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  11. greenergrass

    Floor experience before critical care?

    I did 0 years & have never regretted it. The hospital I started working in had a wonderful internship program that lasted a minimum of 3 months & up to 6 months depending on the experience & progress of the nurse. The average new grad spent 15 weeks in the program. I would highly recommend - whether you continue your "floor" experience or not, to go into an ICU with a formal preceptor or internship program. As a prior educator, I've seen too many small ICU's training with the "Do 1, See 1, Teach 1" method. Unfortunately, the new ICU RN then just learns the bad habits of those teaching him/her. Have fun!!!
  12. greenergrass

    Healthier Living Thread Part V

    Wow Gentle, Sounds like you deserve a vacation! :onbch:
  13. greenergrass

    Healthier Living Thread Part V

    Oh! 7 days a week is definitely tough & I wouldn't suggest it for anyone who hasn't been exercising for a while & can fit it into their lifestyle. It definitely has the possibility to set you up for failure & takes a huge committment. I usually advocate just exactly what you're saying - 3-4 days a week consistantly. My 7 days a week is a lot of different activities: Running, Swimming, Biking, Yoga. If I tried to do all days on the same activity, I'd end up injured. Yoga is my "rest day". What ever anyone is doing, if they can get in 3-4 days each week to start, that's awesome!
  14. greenergrass

    Healthier Living Thread Part V

    consistency will actually be my website article topic this week. ONLY because this last couple of weeks have proven to be a huge breakthrough for me in this area. I'm NOTORIOUSLY INCONSISTENT - with EVERYTHING!
  15. greenergrass

    Healthier Living Thread Part V

    it's friday night: what's the best thing you did for yourself this week? me - i exercised every day. consistency is key for me & something i have a really hard time with. :redbeathe this week i did it!!! yay me!
  16. greenergrass

    I have a BS in Business, should I go for BSN or ADN?

    That's what I kept running up against when I wanted to convert my ADN/BA to a BSN. Finally, I just gave up. Too frustrating & I really didn't want the BSN anyway, my job wanted me to have it. Much happier now that I'm not trying to please other people with a degree I don't need & I'm studying what I WANT TO!