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  1. Any tips for long term care?

    Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to nursing. Not much luck getting a job this past year. I finally landed a job through an agency and they're sending me to a long-term care facility this week. I heard that the patient load is like 26 patients and I'm...
  2. Why won't anyone hire new grads?

    I know its going to take some time...but its just hard in the meantime, living paycheck to paycheck - - applying for a 2nd job at places like walmart to supplement my income while all the older nurses return to the work field to supplement their inco...
  3. Las Vegas job outlook?

    I hear you. I'm getting tired of the same thing. Some places are good about stating "no new grads" in the job description, but all the other places don't say that at all. I then get to look forward to logging online and seeing my application status c...
  4. RN jobs Las Vegas

    New grad positions? What new grad positions? lol There are verrrry few right now. I think I know 1 or 2 people from my whole class that have landed jobs. All these hospitals are hiring, but they want a minimum of 1 - 2 years experience. Meanwhile, pl...
  5. Why won't anyone hire new grads?

    I find myself sooooo frustrated right now. All this hard work to get through school, graduate, pass boards, and now no one want to hire a new grad. Does anyone know if any hospitals hiring new grads right now? If not, when do they usually start hiri...
  6. Ok...So I took my boards and passed. Yay! The status changed on the Nevada State Board of Nursing website from IP to T license. What is the difference between the two? Will employers hire someone with a temporary license as opposed to the permanent o...
  7. Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I took the test on Tuesday and did the trick the same morning. When I first got home, the status read: "Ready for delivery" but then later it read "Delivery Successful". You HAVE to wait until the status reads "Delivery Successful" I would say it o...
  8. Quick Results?

    I wouldn't imagine that the holiday would hinder you from getting your results. I know people that are actually taking their test on Friday so it seems that they will be fully operational until the weekend. I took the test on Tuesday (also did pearso...
  9. question about pt rooming assignments

    I got the same type of questions. What to wear, who can room together, what precautions to take during transport, and the whole negative pressure thing too.
  10. IV Flow Rate calculation question

    Ok....its been a minute since I've had to do this, but I got the same answer. Flow Rate = 120 mL/hour Drop Factor = 10gtt/mL Flow Rate X Drop Factor = Drip Rate 120mL/60min X 10gtt/mL = 1200gtt/60min = 20gtt/min Drip Rate = 20gtt/min
  11. New grad work history.

    I'm getting ready to graduate and we were talking about this in my professional topics class because I am scared to death of the same thing. I'm worried I won't be able to find a job but they say that the trick is to make yourself look better on pape...
  12. Anyone ready yet? CSN newcomers?

    Yay!! Congrats on starting the program!! I'm in my last semester and its been an adventure! I'm so glad its finally over. The 1st semester is going to be very hard. And its not really that its hard but its like culture shock. All the reading and pape...
  13. For Fun - Things You Want to Buy Once You're a Nurse

    Ok...I know you can't buy kids...but I really just want to have babies. I know lots of brave women that have babies during nursing school and I just wanted to wait until after I graduated. I just found out that I'm pregnant with a baby girl. Thank go...
  14. Required Textbooks

    It really stinks...but its a good investment. You're definitely going to need the book that your instructors are lecturing out of to pass your class. And to pass clinical, you'll need a good drug book, nursing diagnosis book, lab value book, and path...
  15. Role of Nursing during a disaster

    These responses are great! Thanks so much for the help!