Temporary license...should I wait until I get my permanent?

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Ok...So I took my boards and passed. Yay! The status changed on the Nevada State Board of Nursing website from IP to T license. What is the difference between the two? Will employers hire someone with a temporary license as opposed to the permanent one? The BON site just indicates that a temp is issued when there is additional paperwork they need to receive before issuing the permanent. I just don't want to quit the job that got me through nursing school until I know for sure. =/ I'm scared that I'll start practicing with a temporary license only to find out that my permanent license can't be issued for some odd reason.

Sorry if it seems like I'm rambling. Can anyone provide some insight? I appreciate any clarification I can get. Thanks! :bugeyes:

You can work on an interim until you get your permanent license (you can wokr on IP for like 3 months I think, then it will expire and you have to have the perm from then on out) . But I would apply to places and make sure you have a job before you quit. I have been told by 4 different Las Vegas hospitals that they are not hiring new grads yet. Good luck,

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A member of the Nevada State Board of Nursing talked to my class about a month ago. Your temporary license is like a bridge from your interim permit (that she called mostly useless) and you permanent. If you haven't lied on anything your permanent license should be coming soon. Go ahead and start working. Congrats on passing NCLEX. Also, hold on to your other job until you get through all the paper work associated with getting hired into a hospital, I hear it can take up to a month.


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