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  1. I'm going to start my orientation next week in a nursing home(long term care) as a practical nurse. I'm just wondering what to expect so i'll be prepared, since am an internationally trained nurse. Any suggestion please. Thanks in advance
  2. funkynurse09

    Migrating and working in Canada

    A friend of mine would love to come to Canada and work as a nurse; She has RN Diploma from one West Africa country. Could anybody tell me how to go about it. The steps for her to take inorder for her to be licensed and practice in canada. I'll appreciate all sugestions that could be of help. Thanks so much for your response in advance.
  3. funkynurse09


    It's an exam question in Canada
  4. funkynurse09


    Thanks for the reply, but in this case is a 15year old client, she's still an adolescence. I think the parents should have the right to know rhe diagnosis of their daughter and i don't know if this kind of disease is notifiable, that's why am confused. It's an exam question. Please help me out.
  5. funkynurse09


    In Ontario Canada, if a 15 year old have gonorrrhea and tell the nurse to keep it confidential. Should the nurse inform her parents or inform the Public Health Authority or the community physician? Thanks for your reply
  6. funkynurse09

    Candidate for CPNRE September

    Is there any online discussion forum for the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam coming up in September? If there's none, I'll like to connect with someone writing this Exam. Could u please e-mail me; lara4bom@gmail.com. Looking forward to meet u. Thanks for your reply inadvance
  7. funkynurse09

    Preparing for CPNRE

    Hi everybody, am an internationally trained nurse about to write CPNRE coming up in September. I'm confused, i don't know where to start my reading and what to read because i have a very limited time to prepare. I have Canadian PN Exam Prep Guide but i think this is not enough for me to fully prepared for the examination. I discover NCLEX PN Questions and answers made incredibly easy and Saunders Q&A Review for the NCLEX PN Examination. But the question is; do i really need them to prepare for CPNRE? Please Help! Any suggestion of resources. Thanks in advance.