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  1. tawill5

    RN Remote Opportunities

    JadedCPN, you are hilarious!! I'm willing to lazily cruise on a piece of driftwood through the Amazon (surrounded by piranhas)!!
  2. tawill5

    RN Remote Opportunities

    Thank you soooo much, NRSKaren and JBMmom!! I certainly appreciate your much needed enlightenment!
  3. tawill5

    RN Remote Opportunities

    😂😂 Though that would beautiful terrain, I'm seeking to work from home. The ideal position could either be in the areas of sales support or insurance. Thanks for responding!
  4. tawill5

    RN Remote Opportunities

    Hi, everyone. I am interested in obtaining a remote position. I've had a stellar nursing career; however, I would like to continue along a new pathway. I'd love any enlightenment. Thanks so much!📥📥👍😃
  5. tawill5


    Thank you so much K+MgSO4. Your response was very helpful!
  6. tawill5


    Thank you so much! Your input is very helpful!
  7. tawill5


    Hi, guys! I'm working on my clinical ladder. I've chosen to create a report containing suggestions for improvements in the clinical setting. Please suggest any improvements that would make our jobs easier. These could be as simple as protocol changes or a small modification to equipment. Thanks for your help!
  8. tawill5

    Recommended Schools....

    Can anyone suggest the best route / school(s) to obtain certification as a registered nurse infusionist? I am also interested in obtaining information on nurse informatics schools. Thanks sooooo much in advance!!
  9. Thanks so much for these insightful perspectives! There's certainly a lot to consider.
  10. lo:jester:loo:jester:Does anyone have any knowledge of companies that offer short term travel contracts? I am looking for a 4 or five week opportunity that would be open for ongoing renewal. Additionally, my specialties, as a registered nurse, would be MICU and ER. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  11. tawill5

    Heard of American Mobile Healthcare

    I would love to know who you are traveling with! Please let me know. Thanks!
  12. tawill5

    ....needing info.........

    :jester:Has anyone ever heard of Clinical Staffing Services? I am considering an assignment with this company. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  13. tawill5

    Healthcare Staffing Solutions

    Does anyone have information on Healthcare Staffing Solutions? I am considering a contract and would appreciate some insight. The agency is also found online as "Globalnursesonline.com". The Kaisar network in California is one of their contracts. Thanks in advance for the help!
  14. tawill5

    CRNA school at my age! Am I crazy?

    Hey, Donn, what school do you attend? I too am seeking to complete the requirements for the BSN.