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  1. sd_iwant2banurse

    Why are CNAs paid less than telemarketers?

    I think it's a problem with many jobs in our society. IMHO we are focused on money versus quality of life, and it's reflected in pay in most professions. I wonder if pay scale is similar in professions in other countries? This news link points out the differences in pay by role, for example a trader makes $1 million while a neurosurgeon makes $500k. I like this quote in the article: “The bottom line is all the people in investment banking understand that they work harder and are under more stress,” said Jeanne Branthover, a managing director at Wall Street recruitment firm Boyden Global Executive Search. “Many don’t think they’re paid enough.” Work harder? Under more stress? Versus other bankers? Do they realize how much money they make compared to say a nurse who has people's lives in their hands? What other profession is more stressful than healthcare? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-01-13/traders-smaller-bonuses-still-top-pay-for-brain-surgeons-4-star-generals.html
  2. sd_iwant2banurse

    Free Kaplan Nursing eBooks (NCLEX, Math for Nurses, etc)

    Thanks! I got these on my kindle, now I've got hours of free reading :)
  3. sd_iwant2banurse

    A few (somewhat embarrassing) questions?

    The American Heart Association has an online rhythm class. I haven't taken this but it looks interesting and it is somewhat reasonably priced. Online Training, CME, CE Credits, Course Catalog | OnlineAHA.org
  4. I just received my letter yesterday that I have been accepted to the USD Spring 09 Internet program. Is anyone else starting this spring? Or has anyone else done this option before. I'm curious what the schedule is like, and any study tips you might have.
  5. sd_iwant2banurse

    I Got an Interview!

    Yea! I just got a call from my schools nursing department that I am in the top half of the applicants and will be getting an interview on 9/22. Then they will be sending out acceptance / decline letters in the middle of October. When we took the entrance exam, she said they had 70 applicants for 22 spots. Does anyone have any advice on questions, answers, things to talk about regarding the interview?
  6. sd_iwant2banurse

    Microbiology - Fall 2008

    I had my first class last night and absolutely loved it! It's been 6 years since I've taken AP so I'm a little nervous about that - but the material was so interesting. Last night just confirmed for me that I am on the right path again, and I can't wait to start nursing school.
  7. sd_iwant2banurse

    Anyone take the Kaplan Nursing Exam ?

    I just finished taking the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam and am wondering what kind of scores are normal. I've seen lots of other types of exams, but not this one before. My school said this is the first time they've used this test so they aren't sure what the average will be. I won't find out till late Sept. if I advance on to interviews, so I'm just trying to gauge how my score fits into averages.
  8. Yea! I got into the spring 2009 LPN program. I passed my NET on Tuesday and that was the final piece. However, I'm still going to apply to the spring 2009 Associates progarm as well. I can't decide if I want to be accepted to that one though. :) My ultimate goal is to get my bachelors RN - but part of me wants to start off slower with the LPN and then do a bridge to RN. Suddenly I'm nervous about 2 years of nursing school and more responsibility. (Not that LPN's don't have a lot of responsiblity) Any opinions or anyone in the same situation? The deadline to apply for the associates is 8/1 - so I need to decide soon.