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  1. brunetteqt

    ASN vs. BSN

    Hi, I was wondering if they are going to be getting rid of nurses that don't have BSN is this true? If so that would be a TON of nurses and not enough schools to place them into BSN programs. Anyone know the answer to this?? Thanks! :)
  2. brunetteqt

    Nclex-rn 3500--hope it helps!!

    perfect!! Thanks so much!! :)
  3. brunetteqt

    Nclex-rn 3500--hope it helps!!

    the link doesn't work
  4. brunetteqt

    Got into nursing school!!

    Well I completed my pre reqs in the winter of last year and applied to tons of schools right after that so it took me a year to get in basically. You just have to be patient :)
  5. brunetteqt

    Yakima Valley Community College

    when I applied the lowest number they accepted was a 43. I got in for Winter of 2010 starting this Jan!! :) I'm super excited about it but very nervous. I won't know anyone there so I'm hoping to make some friends. I wish you the best of luck! I'm sure you'll get in.
  6. brunetteqt

    Got into nursing school!!

    wow thank you so much guys!! That was so helpful!! I can't wait to start but I know its going to be a lot of work. Is anyone going to YVCC?? Thanks again!!
  7. brunetteqt

    Got into nursing school!!

    I got in to nursing school at Yakima Valley CC this week and I am waaay excited!! Also extremely nervous. I start Jan. 4th and I was just if anyone had any tips about how they got through school and what it was like the first couple weeks?? Any answers would be great! :spin: Also if anyone knows of anybody that goes to YVCC that I could get in contact with that would be so helpful being that I won't know anyone going into this. Thanks a bunch!!