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  1. Im heading to Tacoma in the summer and would love some info/suggestions on good travel companies or contracting agencies. THanks LIsa
  2. leisa22

    Madigan RN civilian Jobs

    My husband is in the army and will be stationed at fort lewis. I would love any information about what contracting companies hire civilian RNs at madigan or any other info on how to go about getting a job at madigan. Thanks
  3. leisa22

    Need info on Tripler...Please

    Hello, I have gotten orders to go to Tripler in the summer. I am totally anxious on what to expect because I just got into the military and know its not like civilian nursing. I have MANY questions for civilian or military nurses working at Tripler. I would love to be able to PM anyone at Tripler who would be willing to share their experiences or better yet help answer some of my many questions. Thanks
  4. leisa22

    Pissed at the Air Force!

    That really bites. Im sorry to hear of your situation. Is there anyway that you can still fight it?
  5. leisa22

    Rank upon commission in Army?

    I work with air force nurses and civilian experience definetly counts. 3 years civilian experience would probably put you at first lt. I know 5 years gets up in as a capt in the air force.
  6. leisa22

    Loan repayment and Bonuses

    Im prior service and I am going to get both loan repayment and bonus.
  7. leisa22

    any dependents here?

    My husband is active duty and I work at the hospital on his base. From my experience it is rather easy to get a contractor job in a military hospital. More than half the staff at the hospital that I work at are civilian. Although they say they require at least a year experience, but I applied with 8 months of experience and I got hired. If you have any other questions fell free to PM me.
  8. leisa22

    Please help- airforce ?'s

    I decided to go army because I have heard it was easier to get into the crna program via the army, I was prior army enlisted and liked it, and my husbands in the army. I would never join the navy-dont like boats for long periods of time and never thought to really research the airforce.
  9. leisa22

    Other ANC Dec 05 Grads?

    Thanks, I hope I find out this month. I am hoping for the March OBC as well. MY husband is stationed here in San Antonio so it works out well so that I dont have to leave my family for OBC. Congrats on getting close to graduating. Where are you hoping to get stationed? Will they station your husband where you go or vice versa?
  10. leisa22

    Other ANC Dec 05 Grads?

    Hi army kitten, Im not too familiar with the ROTC program but I have my packet in the the boards this month and hopefully I will get commished soon. Do you know when your OBC class starts? Im hoping to start OBC with the next available open class date.
  11. leisa22

    Please help- airforce ?'s

    I work at in the hospital at Lackland now as a civilian contractor and love it. I have talked to the airforce nurses about deployment and many have been deployed, but they are also the ones who volunteered. There is one that volunteered and still anxiously waiting to go but has not been yet. From what these AF nurses say, right now its easy to not get deployed since everyone is volunteering. Military nursing is great. Infact, I have my packet in to this months boards in hopes of getting into the army nurse corps soon. Civilian contracting in military hospitals is great too, but I want to go military so that I can retire in 20 years and get further my education with the military paying for it.
  12. leisa22

    AECP student seeking experience

    CHKD offers an externship in the summer that is awsome! I beleive sentara and depaul also offer externship programs.
  13. leisa22

    Retention Bonus?

    Anyone have any information of retention bonuses being given to military nurses? How often? How much? Thanks
  14. leisa22

    Anyone been to army OBC?

    medic14 thanks for the reply and advice. Do you know what time PT starts and what the average day is like? Im guessing PT around 5 and otherstuff 9-5? ??
  15. The military has many programs where you can further your education and your job is to go to school. infact its much easier finacially to further your education while in the military. thats one of the reasons why im getting back into the military.
  16. leisa22

    Anyone been to army OBC?

    I am going to be attending the longer version of OBC. I do have prior military experience as well, but its been at least 8 years since I have been in the military. I may have forgotten alot but did manage to keep in shape. Any idea on what the schedule is like? I want to know how often PT is and when. Since I will be living farther away I need to plan my schedule and child care now so that the transition will be easier. thanks