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  1. Hospice patient on methadone

    The agency I work for delivers medications for a 2 week supply so pt will get exactly enough for 2 weeks. If he is running out early than I would inquire why. If he is saying he needs to take more to relieve pain then the pain medication regimen need...
  2. Hospice patient requests to smoke

    In LTC facilities you have to follow policies and procedure for that facility. If the facility requires an order for their residents to smoke than you have to follow their policy. Hospice or not. It is different with home hospice patients. If a patie...
  3. Question for current Hospice nurses

    No, its your choice to work on call as a case manager UNLESS you agreed to it when you were first hired. You can simply tell them you can't. They would have to hire a PRN nurse.
  4. Time spent in one home

    This is my first home health job. Well I was actually hired to be their Hospice case manager but they have me helping with home health patients since hospice census is low. And I really dont mind BUT I was not formally trained to do home health and w...
  5. Time spent in one home

    Honest answers pls. On average how long do you spend in each home? Im not talking about when there is a need like wound care or something serious going on that need your direct care. Im talking about the visits where it seems like all you do is check...
  6. Understanding verbalized/voiced

    What are some other ways I can write Pt or PCG understands teaching besides "understanding verbalized/voiced"?
  7. I found a job! Started working 2 weeks ago at a skilled nursing facility! I am leaving this comment because I remember feeling like I was the only RN in Texas with my issue and no one was able to guide me. If anyone is in a similar situation please f...
  8. Getting frustrated now, Texas Board gave my license but with stipulations for 1 year due to criminal background. Not to get much into details of my charges but they both deal with domestic violence from being in an abusive relationship. 2009- Deferre...
  9. Any type of Stipulations considered as "restricted" license??

    Yes it did help, so I will apply anyway even though it says "unrestricted license" and just explain if they ask. Thanks
  10. ok, i know this may sound like a dumb question but i just want to make sure if the terms are the same. i have stipulations due to a criminal charge of assault to family member and the stipulations are to provide direct patient care in nursing home, h...
  11. Ok, thanks for the advice, now I just need to come up with a speech to present the information without being too detailed about it
  12. I know its quite odd to do such because I am trying to sell myself on a cover letter but I was advised to just be upfront and disclose it which also gives the opportunity to sell regardless of the blemish. My background and the stipulations placed is...
  13. Am I expected to give medicine from unlabeled home cassettes??!!

    True and again with that being said does it also tell you if that medication is expired or contaminated? That pill could be 2 years old or even coated with cyanide or lead poison. Isnt the quality of the drug also important? If these are not legaliti...
  14. Am I expected to give medicine from unlabeled home cassettes??!!

    Well being able to identify the drug is not the only point here, even if I could identify the pill (which most of them I can) that still doesnt validate its expiration date or contamination, especially with capsules which can be opened. I like to be ...
  15. Ok, for the nurses working in long term care and assisted living facilities you may have run across this issue. We have a respite client admitted from home that will be staying with us for a few days. I have orders from MD in the chart for his meds b...