Any type of Stipulations considered as "restricted" license??

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ok, i know this may sound like a dumb question but i just want to make sure if the terms are the same. i have stipulations due to a criminal charge of assault to family member and the stipulations are to provide direct patient care in nursing home, hospital or any clinical setting, work at least 64 hours per month and work where there is at least another rn on facility grounds. i can still perform all rn duties within the scope of a rn so would this be considered a "restricted" license?

on some job qualifications it states

[color=#454442]full unrestricted licensure required so does that mean anyone with any type of stipulation is excluded?

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Unsure. But...

If you are in a hospital setting or nursing home, you are only able to work if the other nurse is an RN Charge with at least 2 years experience. This is a "standard" order from the board that your speaking of.... It is a "Warning" with stipulations. You will have to apply to the position you are looking at, then during the interview disclose that you have an order from the board. It is only restricted in the sense that you have to have an RN to which you can call upon in time of need and that will honestly report on your performance back to the BON. Hope this helped.

Yes it did help, so I will apply anyway even though it says "unrestricted license" and just explain if they ask. Thanks

Thanks for the clarification!

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