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  1. socal99

    Lvn IV Certification California

    I'm not sure what you consider affordable, but I just signed up for a combined blood withdrawal/IV cert course through eccpronline.com. The coursework is done at home with a one-day clinical class. Price is $200. I live in OC and the class location is in Carson, but that's the least expensive class I could find within the area I'm willing to drive.
  2. socal99

    LVN Salaries in Southern California

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their rate of pay! I just finished my first week at Bristol Park Medical Group. I took a cut in pay from the $24 I was making last summer with a private practice to $20.40 with BP. I tried to wheedle more out of them, but that's the top of the starting pay scale for someone with 8+ years of exp. But it's M-F, 40 hrs/wk, and has good benefits. Plus it's only a mile from my house. I plan to start walking to work.:wink2: Hopefully I'll like it there. It's so different from any of my previous job experiences, I can't tell how it'll go. So many corporate policies and procedures! I spent the first two days reading 4" thick manuals and filling out scads of paperwork.
  3. socal99

    Best Practical Nursing Books?

    Years ago I loaned all my nursing books to an MA who was getting ready to go to nursing school. She never returned them and I forgot to ask her about them when I moved out of the area. I'd like to get a good fundamentals book, and med-surg, too. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd really like to take a theory only self-study refresher course, but can't find anything online. Everything's really expensive and has clinicals attached to it. I could just buy the course and not do the clinicals since it's just for my own needs. That seems rather wasteful, though. I think a couple good books are all I really need.
  4. socal99

    Continuing Education

    Check out your board of nursing's website....They usually list approved course providers. I usually do self-study courses that I order online. There are a lot of choices out there. You just want to make sure that the ones you pick are approved by your board.:spin:
  5. socal99

    Confused about salary and hourly pay adding up......

    I'm from Ohio...a lot like Indiana...currently living in Orange County, CA. It is different, but try going from here to Arkansas. Now THAT's culture shock! Especially for my 14 yo daughter who's only known southern California. We moved there last summer and made it through the school year...barely. Trying to find an LVN job here in OC so I can move her back. Hubby has to stay in AR for 3 years though. It's a tough decision.
  6. socal99

    LVN Salaries in Southern California

    I think I'm going to get certified for IV therapy/blood draws. I've done quite a few venipunctures, but have never had formal training. I could get my former doctor to certify it for the board, but I think I'd like to take a class. And it looks like IV therapy is getting big and I'm going to become obsolete if I don't acquire that skill. Most courses combine the two so maybe I'll increase my marketability and salary?
  7. socal99

    LVN Salaries in Southern California

    Hey, that sounds good... maybe I should relocate!
  8. socal99

    Medical assistants and LPNs

    Just a few thoughts on my personal experience working with MA's.... I worked in an allergy office for seven years. I was the only nurse that whole time; the rest were MA's. The one that trained me had been there a couple of years and she knew the skills of her job to a T, but not necessarily the theory and physiology behind them. She would hang and run gammaglobulin infusions that I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole since I didn't have any IV certs. I'm happy to say she went on to nursing school. She certainly had the aptitude for it! I was also amazed that MA's were giving allergy shots. As an LPN in my prior job, I wasn't allowed to give them; the RN in the clinic had to. Every MA that entered the allergy practice was expected to give allergy shots. And if the allergist didn't have that much confidence in them, they were put in the front office. He always advertised for MA's when he needed to hire; I'm sure it was a cost of labor issue. The only reason I got hired was because I happened to send him an unsolicited resume, had previous allergy experience and was interested in learning more. I've never had a problem working alongside MA's. Our background training was different, but I never noticed a real difference in job performance. Some were better than others, just like in everything. In fact, they knew things that I'd never had training in, like venipuncture and administration. I'm currently looking for another specialty office job and expect that if I get one, I'll again be the only nurse there! Most of the offices around here prefer MA's because that's what they're trained for. If I can't find an office job that sounds interesting, I'm also considering returning to my roots and doing LTC or home health. I don't expect to run into any MA's there, however.
  9. ANY SO CAL LVN'S WILLING TO TALK SALARIES? In the past I've been fortunate enough not to have to worry much about my salary, husband made good money; but now we're stuck with two mortgages and not enough $$$$. I need to make at least $25/hour. I've been an LVN for over 20 years; started out in LTC, got frustrated with continual understaffing and when a nice group practice in my town needed a nurse, I applied and kind of fell into office nursing. Started out family practice and just ended 7 years of allergy nursing in OC last year. Moved out of state briefly; now back and looking for work. My previous doctor would hire me back but doesn't have opening. I was making $24/hr there. Have no idea how that compares with other office nurses (everyone else in the practice was MA) or rest of nursing jobs in OC. I've gotten interest from another allergist and get the feeling I was making good money where I was. I've found most hospitals want RN's, even ones that want LVN's want previous hospital experience. Offices want MA's. I feel like us LVN's are getting squeezed out! Thinking about making a switch anyway....considering home health or even LTC again, but don't know what current salaries are. Ones I've seen posted seem low to me, but they're usually for entry level nurses....SO....HOW MUCH ARE YOU ALL MAKING OUT THERE?!