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  1. Hello nurses and student nurses.. I need some help figuring out the answer to a heparin problem. I'm coming up with an answer but I'm not quite sure if I have it correct. Please guide me... 4. ORDER: Give a heparin drip of 25, 000 units in 500 cc D5W at 9 cc/hr Heparin: Prevents recurrence of thrombosis; use with tPa. Adjust dose to keep APTT at 1.5-2.0 times control. ASA often given with heparin. Protamine reverses heparin. Watch for bleeding. Available is 10,000 units/1 cc QUESTION: How many cc of heparin would be added to the IV? Would this formula work? Desired amount = cc Conc in sum QUESTION: What is the concentration of heparin per cc in the IV bag after it's mixed? QUESTION: How many units of heparin per hour is the patient receiving? QUESTION: If the MD ordered the drip increased by 200 units/hr, what would the IV rate be (cc/hr)?

    UAB Spring 2011 Admission

    It's always good to have a back-up plan with nursing. I applied to UAB with a 3.4 and over 1500 hours of healthcare experience and wasn't accepted. I applied for the fall semester and some say the spring is easier. I'm definitely not saying you won't get in because there is a great possibility you will but I do think it's good to have another plan.

    Gadsden State Program Question

    Gadsden usually gets their letters out pretty quickly...I got mine in like two weeks after the app deadline.
  4. If anyone is interested in purchasing first semester books for Jacksonville State University's BSN program contact me and let me know.