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  1. ANPNY

    Fitzgerald review

    I had the review book with questions and the CD set that comes with a book. I used all three to study for my exam and learned SO much. It cleared so many things up for me. The review course CDs and book, in particular. I sold the course on ebay but I wishI'd kept the book It would have been great for refreshers. Good luck
  2. ANPNY

    Co-workers as patients VENT...please help

    Well I went to work today with doughnuts and coffee (how's that for health promotion, eh?) and asked everyone to come for a quick meeting and just kind of said that things in our office feel like they are getting a little heavy and that maybe we could try to lighten things up a little and try to be a little more lighthearted. This was met with mixed response. Nobody argued it, per se, but nobody seemed too jazzed. And when one of them later asked me if it was normal to feel so tired all of the time. I said "No, it's really not and you should go see your regular PCP to get checked out." I told her I could see her for sore throats and such but that she should go to her PCP for everything else. Hopefully she will spread the word. I think that part of the reason there are so many health complaints is because the employees are just miserable, and bored, and depressed, many of them. The other part is that I kind of let this situation develop. I just didn't realize that people needed to actually have these kind of boundaries drawn out for them.So, either they will run me out of town for my little meeting, or they will at least leve me alone for a little while. Either way, I think I have to look for a new job