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  1. vm156

    Need some advice

    I graduated in May of '11 and became licensed in July of '11. I had been working part time in real estate and made the decision to stick with real estate after graduating/becoming an RN. Fast forward to 2015. I am looking to get out of real estate (complete lack of a personal life will drain you, no matter how much money you make!). I am a little nervous about not only being a grad nurse but also not having any experience besides school (which was now years ago). I have kept my license current. I'm scared I may have blacklisted myself and may have made it impossible to find a job...I know it's hard enough for new grads to get hired, and that's when they're fresh out of school. If if anyone has any advice for me, I would appreciate it greatly!
  2. vm156

    Did I waste my time/money?

    I will try to keep this breif. I graduated in May 2011, and passed my nclex that July. During my entire time in school clinicals I kept thinking "I wonder when I'm going to have a clinical that I really enjoy". At that point I had worked much too long and hard to just quit. I didn't despise my hospital clinicals, but I didn't really like any of them either. I was very interested in all of the courses and the content (I even won an award for clinical excellence for my pediatric rotation). My dilemma is this: I have gone on two interviews (both at extended care facilities, which is a field I have NO interest in working). Needless to say, I did not get hired for either job. After that I kind of stopped looking for places that were hiring. I am 99% sure that I have and will have no interest working in a hospital. I am currently looking into getting an interview with a company that does preventive services for corporations (things like immunizations, cholesterol checks, etc) and that seems like something that I would be into. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for areas of work that I could use my license that wouldn't be in a hospital. Is it extremely difficult to get a job in an area like physical rehab? How about even a general practitioners office? I feel like I just wasted a lot of time and money and now am out of options.
  3. vm156

    Unit manager as first job?

    Just came from the interview. I found out that all RN and LPN jobs at this particular facility are "manager" positions, which means that the person hired oversees 3 CNAs for between 15-20 patients on the unit. This seems like a very strange place for a new grad to start. I think I'm going to pass. How can one learn nursing skills while trying to pass meds on that many patients AND oversee/delegate CNA responsibilities? I'm out of the loop as far as nursing homes, but is this common practice? I guess I could see if I had a couple years of experience, but as a new grad? Nope.
  4. vm156

    Unit manager as first job?

    Thanks for your reply! I actually had applied and interviewed for another position at the same facility, and was called back to interview for this position. I can't help but feel like it may be too much of a leap for my first job. I would like to start as a staff RN. An ECF wasn't really on my list of dream jobs, but there doesn't seem to be much hiring going on in the Detroit area. The facility is a 5 star ECF and has been on the local news a few times for it's outstanding excellence in care. I did pick up a vibe from the interview that this particular place seems to go through staff somewhat frequently. Might just have been my paranoia! Thanks again for your thoughts!
  5. vm156

    Unit manager as first job?

    I am going on an interview for the job of unit manager on a skilled nursing floor of an extended care facility. They are aware that I am a newly licensed graduate nurse with no experience outside of school. My question is this: How does everyone feel about the job not only being my first, but also being a "Unit Manager" job? I know that the first year on the job is brutal for everyone. I don't want to pass up a great opportunity, but I also don't want to shoot myself in the foot and take a job that may potentially be so overwhelming from the addition of a management title on top of learning the art of nursing. I value your opinions! Thanks :)
  6. vm156

    Burnt out on school?

    Hello everyone, I was just taking a quick moment to get a general consensus of how your opinion of nursing was affected by school. I have been doing very well in my program and if all goes as planned, I will be graduating in April. My instructors have been great and I've gotten very positive feedback from them and my patients. Although I am excited to be done with school, lately I have been feeling extremely unmotivated when it comes to class/clinicals. At this point I definately won't give up but I'm honestly having second thoughts about nursing. For those of you who have graduated and become RNs, were there times during schooling where you felt like the fire you had in the beginning had faded a bit? I'm probably just fried from the last year and a half. Any input or opinions would be appreciated! Thanks :)
  7. vm156

    OCC nursing program waiting on class schedule

    Has anyone else noticed in the purple occ foundations book, under the required texts it says Davis Drug guide *12th Edition* Online it says 11th and they were selling 11th in the bookstore. Typo in the purple book, i hope?
  8. vm156

    OCC nursing program waiting on class schedule

    I was on campus today and checked in the office. They said they are are taking them down to the registration office today so they can be put in their computer and probably sent out at the end of this week. Lets hope so!
  9. vm156

    Pharmacology in the summer at OCC

    I am also in the online class. In the intro email, the instructor said to log into Blackboard 6, but in the nursing section they say it is being taught in the new version of Blackboard (which I am unable to sign into with my bb6 username and password). The class doesn't show up in my list on bb6. Anyone else having this problem?
  10. vm156

    Occ Adn--->ou Bsn

    I was wondering if I I have completed OCC's ADN program, will i need any prereqs to go onto OU's BSN program? (for example, the micro class i took at occ didn't have a lab...will I have to retake it?) And also, I know that most of the classes OU offers for this are online, but is there any kind of waiting list? THANKS!
  11. I was wondering if when considering students for a nursing program at occ, do they only count the prereqs that pertain to the nursing program? The only shaky grades I've got are from math classes that I took a while ago, but they aren't part of the nursing schedule. Any idea how it works?
  12. I was working on my prereqs a year ago while trying to sell my house at the same time. Due to the economy, I had to stop going to school last fall in order to save my home from forclosure. Now after almost a year, I'll be able to register for my last few prereqs starting in the Jan 09' semester. I've obviously got some time between now and then (can't go in the fall semester due to work scheduling). My question is, can anyone reccommend any study guides/suggested reading/websites so that I can start studying now? The classes I need to finish are A&P II, Micro, and Organic Chem. I figured I could take all three in the same semester and knock it out if I had a grasp of the material before hand. Thanks!!

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