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    New Grad in Outpatient Surgery

    Hi all, I graduated in May and take my boards in July. I was offered a job in an outpatient surgery center doing pre-op with my interim permit and then move to PACU after I get my license. I read some threads about new grads in the PACU, but the majority seem to be inpt PACU. Any advice on what to expect in outpt PACU? My first day at work is July 7. I have a 6 page clinical skills checklist to go through, and it's intimidating!!! Intubations -(do we intubate?) induction agents, neuro block agents, respiratory drugs,cardiac drugs... I'm trying to find journal articles or other postings on what to expect - but I'm not having the best of luck. I want to be as prepared as I can before going in. Any advice? Scared and excited!!Thanks!!!