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  1. shelbabyrn

    Meth baby

    I am considering becoming a foster parent to an infant who was born to a methamphetimine addicted mother. He also tested positive. I know that developmental problems develop later, I was just wondering if anyone knows of a website or source for information on raising a meth baby?
  2. shelbabyrn


    Do any of you work in the field of genetics? I have always been interested in this field, but don't know how to get involved in it with a nursing degree. Any advice would be helpful.
  3. shelbabyrn

    malpractice insurance

    Does anyone have malpractice insurance? Do I really need it?
  4. shelbabyrn

    Home health supplies

    I have just taken a job part-time doing home health visits on infants and pediatric patients. What supplies/equipment do you suggest that I carry at all times? I would like to make up a little "medical bag".
  5. shelbabyrn

    alternative to Prevacid

    My friend has a 4 month old son who has had surgery for a bowel malrotation. He has severe reflux which has caused tracheomalacia due to erosive esophagitis. Her surgeon put him on reglan and prevacid. She has to mix the prevacid in 30 cc of water which makes a thick paste and he won't take it. Is there an alternative drug I can suggest? Prevacid doesn't come in a liquid form for infants as far as I know. Also, is there an alternative to reglan? He throws up more when he takes the reglan that if he doesn't take it.
  6. shelbabyrn


    My friend's baby is 3 months old. In that 3 months he has had a malrotation, suffers from severe reflux, has had a bout with RSV and has also been diagnosed with choanal stenosis. Now his mother has told me that a "bump" has appeared at the base of his skull, kind of behind the ear. It popped up overnight, or at least she didn't notice it until now. It's about the size of a grape. Also, his arms turn dark purple from the elbows down and are cold. He also has what looks like eczema on his arms. Can anyone give me some suggestions as to what these problems mean? Could it be some sort of syndrome? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  7. shelbabyrn

    periportal hepatitis

    Can someone explain periportal hepatitis? Is it the same as other forms of hepatitis and what causes it?
  8. shelbabyrn

    Mic-key buttons and G-tubes

    Thanks. I look forward to the info.
  9. shelbabyrn

    Mic-key buttons and G-tubes

    Does anyone know of a website that I can go to for information on Mic-key buttons and G-tubes. I particularly need pictures and information for parents. Thanks.
  10. shelbabyrn

    code blue review form

    I just started doing the QA for our neonatal unit and could use some help. Does anyone have a code review form that would work for my area? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. shelbabyrn

    formula allergy

    Has anyone ever heard of a formula allergy? If so, could it cause projectile vomiting, tachypnea, stridor, and upper airway congestion? Are there other formula alternatives?
  12. shelbabyrn

    chicken pox exposure

    I have a friend who has a 3 week old infant. He was exposed to chicken pox about a week or so ago. What are the chances that he will contract the chicken pox? His mom did have chicken pox as a child.
  13. shelbabyrn

    bleeding after a C-section

    Thanks SmilingBluEyes! It does help. My friend had a C-section 2 1/2 weeks ago. She had the normal bleeding for about 6-7 days, stopped for a day or two and then started bleeding heavily again. She says the blood is bright red and now she has pain in her right side when pressure is applied. I told her this is not normal and she needs to call her doctor. She did, but the doctor's office kind of blew her off and didn't call her back. Should I be worried?
  14. shelbabyrn

    bleeding after a C-section

    OB-GYN nursing is out of my league, so I have a question for those of you who specialize. How long should a person bleed after a routine C-section and tubal ligation? There were no complications noted. Any help you could give me would be very appreciated!
  15. shelbabyrn

    critical care pay

    We don't even get extra pay for being certified, which I am. We are only required to float to newborn nursery, but some of us will float to peds/PICU if asked. We also have those nurses who only prefer Level 2 or level 3, but some of those never do level 3 because, I think, they don't know how. And, if we have don't have any level 2 assignments at shift change, the level 3 nurses who have a level 2 assignment have to move to another assignment usually after having their assignment for 8 hours (most of us work 12s). That really hacks some of us.