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  1. southernbelle4lu

    Stressed R/T Needing a job AEB poor economy, lack of RN posistions

    Thanks so much for sharing! :)
  2. southernbelle4lu

    Compact States

    Thank you!
  3. I Know there are posts on here about this... 1) Any tips/tricks on getting a RN posistion in this economy? 2) Newly hired RNs-- how long did the whole application/hiring process take? How many times did you apply before you got an interview/hired?
  4. southernbelle4lu

    Why graduate nurses can't find jobs- a must read!!!

    Thanks for posting this! :)
  5. southernbelle4lu

    ATI Comprehensive NCLEX test?

    I have the comprehensive ATI test as my final exam for my class and another ATI exam for my other final. First of all, how do you study for an ATI comprehensive? Or is it one of those things you had to have studied all along? Im doing a focused ATI review for NCLEX. Glad to see others are using ATI as well! :)
  6. southernbelle4lu

    Compact States

    I just found the answer to my own question... so in case any of you are interested in the answer or want to know more about compact states and what it means.. check out this website.. it explains it very well. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/551037_3 :)
  7. southernbelle4lu

    Compact States

    Thank you :)
  8. southernbelle4lu

    Compact States

    Hey everyone! I graduate next month from nursing school. :loveya: I plan to work in my home state SC for awhile but am considering moving to another state in the next 2 years. I know which states are considered compact states but what if I moved to one that is not a compact state? What exactly would I have to do to have a valid license? Also, could I upkeep my SC license or would I have to get my license back once I moved back to SC? Thanks for your time! It means a lot!
  9. southernbelle4lu

    End of the semester laziness

    I'm right in there with y'all! LoL:icon_roll
  10. southernbelle4lu

    I'm New

    I've met some great friends in nursing school. Try to talk to the people that sit around you...I'm sure a lot of them feel the same way! Personally, me and my nursing friends became so close because of all the adventures of nursing school. You will meet friends. I remember I thought it would be so competitive once I got accepted into nursing school that everybody would try to out do everyone. It's not like that at all. We are like a big family! :)
  11. southernbelle4lu

    Can a shy person become a good nurse?

    Don't let anyone talk you down from being a nurse. If it's what you want...you can do it.
  12. southernbelle4lu

    A little worried...

    Does your school have a weighted criteria sheet? Look and see the point differences between an A/B/C. Thats how my school admits ppl into nursing. If you make one C it won't ruin your chances. Remember you can retake classes. I had a C in Anatomy and a C in Micro. I retook Anatomy and got and A but still got accepted with a C in Micro. Don't give up. If nursing is what you really want to do stick with it. I had to wait a semester out of school waiting to be accepted. I graduate next month. You can do it!
  13. southernbelle4lu

    1st year nursing student

    Hey! Don't worry.. thing will start to come together. I am graduating in December and I finally feel like things are coming together for me. Not that I know everything... but I'm a lot more confident than I was in first semester. Keep your head high. You can do it!
  14. southernbelle4lu

    Help! Memorizing Lab Values

    Thank you all so much for your advice. Thank you for remembering what it was like being a nursing student and helping us out with our many questions and concerns. Stephanie
  15. southernbelle4lu

    WANTED: Nursing student tidbits of advice

    Hey, first of all congrats! I graduate this December and here are the biggest things I've learned in nursing school. 1. Eat healthy. - You can't make it through clinical off of a doughnut or a pack of crackers. 2. Get good sleep.- Studying is important but I've found sleep is even more important. If you are studying and you can't keep your eyes open...just go on to sleep. If you are that tired you won't retain it anyways. 3. Study hard.- I'm sure you know this already..! Go home and review what you did that day. If you have ANY questions or don't understand something, ASK! Then smallest concept that you don't grasp can become major. All the stuff you learn just builds on to itself. 4. Take time for yourself.- At least once a week do something you enjoy. I take Friday nights off from studying and I go out with my boyfriend or friends. Very rarely did I break that. You have to stay healthy emotionally! 5. Strike up friendships with girls in your class. -They will always have your back and will be there to ask those questions that you might be too embarrased to ask your teacher! 6. Have an outlet. - Whether it's walking, reading a novel (dont know anyone that has time for that lol), playing with your dog, praying, swimming... If you get frustrated or just can't study anymore. Take a break and do something to get your energy out. 7. Learn how you retain info best and study that way.-Find out if you are more of a visual or audio person. And last but not least... 8. Don't ever give up. -You've made it this far.. you can do this! Even when all odds are against you. If you make a bad grade..don't give up. Just keep trying. It's hard but its do-able. It takes sweat, blood, and tears- but be dedicated and stick with it. Hope that helps! Good luck!
  16. southernbelle4lu

    Help! Memorizing Lab Values

    I was wondering if any of you knew of a good book that would have normal lab values and what it may indicate if they are either elevated or too low? I have a nursing lab book but its about labs that are not the every day labs. I need the normals: PTT, INR, WBC, RBC, Creatinine, all electrolytes..I have a hard time memorizing the "normals" for all these different lab levels. Any ideas?? Also, while I'm asking.. do any of you have ideas for memorizing onset, peak, and duration times for all insulins? Thanks so much! :nuke: Stephanie