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  1. Roller

    jackstem-i need your help!

    Hi Jack, I was released from a consent agreement after complying with the OBN for 18 months in Jan 2010. I'm working with a company as a nurse traveler and I like it well enough. Anyhow, my recruiter has been telling me about job needs in Wisconsin. I want to apply for a temporary 90 day license; however, it's required to submit the disciplinary actions against me in OH. Is there any advice on HOW to or HOW much I should submit w/o too much of a "warlock hunt" in my case to satisfy them. If this question needs to be addressed via a consultation, no problem it would be worth it to me. (330) 361-0388
  2. Roller

    My Hiatus

    Hi Everyone, I want to return to an ED environment. I was a tech for 11 years in a Level 2 trauma/chest pain/stroke center. I started as a New Grad in my old stomping grounds so to speak and I had a hard time with making that transition, not to mention I was completely burned-out from school and a number of personal issues that no one probably even cares about. In the past 3 years I've worked a Med/Surg floor as kind of a hiatus to hone some nursing skills and re-build some my self confidence. I hate Med/Surg and want to get back to working at the front door of the hospital again. My concern is that I made have been out of loop for too long. Any feed-back you could provide would be of interest, but not taken personally. :anbd::anbd: Have a good day, Roller.
  3. Roller

    Working with an Agency in Wisconsin

    Hi Javawren 23, I just read your posting, I to am thinking about travel nursing in Wisconsin. I'm currently working with Medical Solutions. My recruiters name is Craig Korth. He's a nice guy and will place you relativity quick or put you in a direction that will do so. Good Luck. Now maybe you can help me. I'm appying for a Wisconsin license. The Board is asking for a copy of my completion or graduation from nursing school, they won't accept transcripts as proof. Did you experience any problems like this? Just curious. Roller.
  4. Roller

    New Grad!! Still no Job

    Hi New Grad, I know this isn't going to pay any bills, but have you tried to volunteer at a free clinic. Now before you dismiss this, just hear me out. I'm a RN of 4 years and thought I was safe until my LTAC unit got flushed in 2009. 200 people out looking. It is that bad right now, but just to stay current with my skills and give a little something back, I decided to volunteer at this free clinic in June of 2010! It's been my experience right now that most hospitals today are looking for people with 1 yr current hospital experience. Now you cannot FIB about the places you have worked, because you'll get caught; however, you can FIB about your experience at a workplace. What I did was ask the Director of the Clinic for references and also ask her NOT to mention anything about the clinic being free or that I was volunteering. I expanded my experiences to sound as if I was working in a hospital type setting. Long story short, I'am working with 4 different traveling agencies now. I don't know, maybe I caught a lucky break. Give it try and good luck.
  5. Roller

    License Endorsement

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to a move to FL from NE OH. I'm an RN with 4 years experience M/S, Tele, ER. I haven't worked since July 2009 after my unit was closed and 200, yeah beleve it or not, were laid off. Since then I've had some interviews, but nothing panning out. According to the FL application, I would have to apply by endorsement. OK, Can anybody help me wrap my head around the "Endorsement" aspect. How do I obtain one? Who would be able to provide me with one? Anything or even a direction to go to would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Roller.
  6. Roller

    License endorsements..pls help

    Can anyone briefly explain how licensing by endorsement works. I looking to leave my state of Ohio and \ I'm alittle confused by the endorsement thing. I haven't worked since July 2009 and jobs are slim pickings and hospital interview are hard to get. Everyone is is on a hiring freeze in NE Ohio. Thanks, Roller
  7. Roller

    Can't get a job as new RN

    I live in NE Ohio and it seems like every hospital is on a hiring freeze up here. I'm an RN of 4 years and have had interviews, but "No Dice". Things went from the "Skys the limit to hospitals closing there doors". I've talked to a friend who's a psych nurse and he was approached about floating to a Labor and Delivery department. I didn't go, but I said he thought he was going have a baby after that. My point is that more hospitals are trying to do without excess staff and fill gaps with current staff. Don't worry. Things will come back. I know easier said then done. Roller.
  8. Roller

    reinstated license after suspension

    Hey bclily, Congradulations on being reinstated. I completed 18 months of probation after a DWI and minor misdemeannor possession of marijuana. That difficult time is behind me as well, but I now have a "prior discipline" attached to my license and my back check will note both of these events. Good Luck and don't too discouraged about the unemployment situation, I too am going through this situation and haven't given up yet after almost a year with no job as an RN. I worked PRN from Nov to Jan, but was going to being investigated by this corporations home office, but quit in instead because I was 2 weeks away from my hearing to be released. Anyhow it was BS and I sincerely believe now it might have been an attempt to avoid paying me unemployment. Stay strong and weather it the best you can. Roller.
  9. Roller

    What Do Hospitals Check For in Background Checks?

    Hey Romano, What if you had a prior discipline for a DWI and minor misdemeanor possession of marijuana? I completed 18 months of probation with no restrictions and was fully compliant through out my monitoring and recently released. Think a hospital or anyone for that matter consider giving me a second chance?
  10. Roller

    What Do Hospitals Check For in Background Checks?

    Hi everyone, I've looked at your all your encouraging postings and I'll try to take some assurance from them. I'm an RN of 4 yrs now. I had a DUI and a minor misdemeanor possession of marijuania conviction in April of 2007 and everytime I fill out an application about the criminal background question I hold my breath and pray. I afraid that employers will look at this as lumping "Marijuania as being a narcotic" and deem me a risk. I'm a good nurse and I've only just started, but I feel like I've committed "Career Suicide". I'm not defending my situation, just chiming in. Thanks and good luck everyone.
  11. Roller

    What is the upstate NY job market like?

    Hi Almost A Bubbie RN, I applied for an RN position in Geneva, NY near the Finger Lakes Region. Do you Know anything about that area. Would really appreciate any assistance in processing my decision. Have a good day, Roller.
  12. Roller

    Taking it personally?

    I left my job before lining up another position. I felt confident enough that I didn't think I would come across this kind of drop off; however, that opinion has changed quite a bit. I'm feeling concerned about my skills and critical thinking skills because I been off for so long. If you don't use you lose it. I'm staying current with the help of chat rooms like these and reviewing systems, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and assessments. I'm still motivated to keep an aggressive search, it's just discouraging somedays. Roller
  13. Roller

    Taking it personally?

    Thanks, I haven't checked in awhile.
  14. Roller

    Taking it personally?

    I was working full-time on a Med/Surg floor as an RN.
  15. Roller

    Taking it personally?

    Hi everyone, I'm just curious and getting kind of depressed because I cannot find a job. I mean it's not through a lack of trying and I've some interviews, but "Always a brides maid never a bride". I've been off for six weeks after I took a PRN job at local area nursing home to cover some nurses off on FMLA and the holidays and then kicked to curb. Before that I was off for five months. I've been an RN for 4 years and I cannot believe this. Can anyone relate or is it just me:confused: Thanks for the ear anyway. Roller.