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Hi Everyone,

I want to return to an ED environment. I was a tech for 11 years in a Level 2 trauma/chest pain/stroke center. I started as a New Grad in my old stomping grounds so to speak and I had a hard time with making that transition, not to mention I was completely burned-out from school and a number of personal issues that no one probably even cares about.

In the past 3 years I've worked a Med/Surg floor as kind of a hiatus to hone some nursing skills and re-build some my self confidence. I hate Med/Surg and want to get back to working at the front door of the hospital again.

My concern is that I made have been out of loop for too long.

Any feed-back you could provide would be of interest, but not taken personally. :anbd::anbd:

Have a good day, Roller.

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We've all heard umpteen-million times that med/surg is a great foundation for any other type of nursing. Go where you want to go, and go with confidence! You have more than an inkling of what to expect in the ED, which puts you head and shoulders above some of the other types of nurses who try to make the transition. Let us know what happens. Good luck!!


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What about your certifications? Even though MedSurg are expected more and more to have ACLS its always good to have PALS & maybe TNCC. Then you could possibly float to the ER?

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Agree with Lunah, go straight to the ER. I would advise against trying to set up a float to the ER gig unless you have buy-in from all managers. In my hospital, the only floats we ever get are very rarely unit rns to watch our unit holds. Not really sure it's possible to effectively and safely float to the er unless you already have er experience.

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Go for it ... and good luck to you.

Welcome "home"! :)