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LnDrn3 has 15 years experience as a BSN and specializes in OB.

L&D RN & married mother of 3

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  1. Funny story: several years ago we had a patient request that only a male phlebotomist could take her blood. We are in L&D so all nurses on our unit were female. We called the lab with this ridiculous request and they sent the male phlebotomist. The patient was a difficult stick and after several attempts the phlebotomist gave up. We called the ER, and they sent their IV specialist who happened to be the MOST flamboyant male RN! Sweetest dude you're ever gonna meet. Pt was not happy, but hey, you wanted a male!!
  2. It isn't easy, but it can be done!!! My son was 11 days old on the first day of nursing school!!! I had just had my second c/section and was exhausted because I also had 3 1/2 year old twins...thankfully, I have a husband that is super supportive, family that was more than willing to help, and classmates that understood that studying at my house was easier for me than having to meet elsewhere. I remember crying and questioning my decision once I saw my second semester schedule. The director of my program talked me "down from the ledge" and reminded me that the sacrifices I was making now were for my family and the kids were more resilient than I realized. I'm so happy I stuck with it and here we are 10 years later and everyone survived!! If you find yourself in a similar situation, don't give up. Accept any help that is offered to you whether it is to study or take a quick nap. Before you know it you will be finished and everyone will be the better because of it...GOOD LUCK!!!
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    we feel the same way on our unit--that things happen in three's--as for not liking HELLP: as an OB nurse that had HELLP with my first pregnancy (IVF twin gestation) I can tell you it is as horrible for the patient as it is nerve-wracking for the nurse...I have never felt so sick in my whole life...I really thought I was going to die...my twins were delivered at 30 5/7 and just Monday turned 10yrs old...I don't think any nurse likes having a patient that is THAT sick but it makes for good experience.
  4. LnDrn3

    Funny things lay-people say...

    While working on an OB floor, you would be shocked at the things we hear: 1. FOB to RN: "Miss is it ok if I cut the biblical cord?" 2. 2 seperate triage pts on 2 seperate nights, when asked if the were going to breast or bottle feed: "Miss, I ain't got no titties" 3. Pt to unit clerk: "I'm here to be reduced"--she was scheduled to be induced... 4. The patient stated that her vagina was swollen but her belly was so huge that she couldn't see it...when the nurse asked, if she couldn't see it how did she know it was swollen: "My mother-in-law says it's swollen"--now I don't care how much I like my MIL, it's just not happening!! There are so many more, but at this hour of the night they escape me...
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    Bad Outcome....

    don't think i should really get into it, but just feeling really frustrated and angry at a particular doc for being very lax about a pt
  6. LnDrn3

    Bad Outcome....

    today I HATE doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!