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  1. Veritable_RN

    Orientation on Wednesday (11-25) for WCCC!!!

    at the meeting they said the paper was the correct times. the lady closed the schedule book on the girl in front of me and said look only at the paper the book is wrong. did anyone else think the orientation was a dog and pony show? i cannot believe the incompetence of these people that spout off how we are "professionals". some of them need to practice what they preach. would it have really been that hard to have a few extra people checking everyone in? maybe they should of requested a microphone "months ago" in preparation for the meeting. like we have "months" to get our stuff prepared for classes. it probably would of been a good idea when they were handing out the slips of paper to stand at the microphone and announce that they were handing out the slips of paper and what to do with them. when they send out the acceptance letters with the forms they should make sure all the correct papers are in the envelope and two sided papers are actually copied on both sides. when they say your stuff must be correct and complete or you are disqualified then you should be disqualified. it's a shame the incompetence of these women. oh yeah and the board at the front that had all the message posts on it..... nice little gotcha tactic. today i am thankful for the first amendment, freedom of speech.
  2. Veritable_RN

    HfCC waiting list

    From what I have heard it is running about 1 year wait. I just got on the list a few months ago. Good luck edited to add: Certain procedures must be followed and academic requirements fulfilled, prior to admission to the nursing program. Applicants must first be admitted to the college and designate nursing as their curriculum. Applicants must have a high school GPA of 2.7 or better. A college GPA of 2.7 or higher must be established if the candidate has been out of high school over ten years. The program has a limited enrollment and admits the bulk of its students in the fall semester, with a smaller group admitted in the winter semester. Admission is on a first-qualified first-served basis. The three stages for admission to the nursing program for generic students and licensed practical nurses seeking the A.D.N. are: 1. Obtain copies of the specific Admission Requirements for Nursing from the Admissions Office or the Nursing Office. 2. Complete the requirements to get onto the Wait List for the program. No pre-requisite, non-nursing support or nursing course can be repeated more than one time to receive a "C" (no C-) or better grade. High school grades are only valid within 10 years of attendance. GPA- 2.7 or better maintained High School cumulative GPA of 2.7 or better, or Minimum G.E.D. test score of 550 or higher, or Completion of 12 credit hours at HFCC at 2.7 or higher, or Transfer credit of 2.7 or higher or an additional 12 credit hours at HFCC to establish required G.P.A. High school GPA of "A" or "B" (3.0) throughout a one year laboratory course, or BIO 131-Introduction to Biology, or its transfer equivalent or better, with a minimum grade of "C" (no C-). Chemistry High school GPA of "A" or "B" (3.0) throughout a one year laboratory course, or CHEM 131-Principles of Chemistry, or its equivalent or better, with a minimum grade of "C" (no C-). Math High school GPA of "A" or "B" (3.0) throughout a one-year math course, or MATH 074-Pre-Algebra, or its transfer equivalent, with a minimum grade of "C" (no C-). Placement Tests Placement tests, required developmental course work, and all admission requirements must be completed before students are considered for admission to the program. The required Nurse Entrance Test (NET) is offered by the nursing division. A second failure of the test requires taking courses in areas of weakness. Free assistance is available through the Learning Lab. A third failure of the NET test prevents entry into the nursing program. NET tests must be taken at HFCC. The NET requirements are: 1. Math Proficiency on the NET test - A minimum of 65 is required. 2. Reading Proficiency on the NET test - A minimum of 65 is required. 3. NET composite must be a minimum of 65%. 4. The NET test must be retaken every two years, for those who have not entered the program or for those who readmit to the program. Any new criteria established by the nursing division must be met. Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals (CPR) All students are required to complete and maintain a course in Basic Cardiac Life Support for Healthcare Professionals. It is strongly suggested that CPR be taken between May and July, just prior to entering the nursing program. It must be kept current throughout the program. Completion of ENG 131, ENG 132 and PSY 131, with a minimum grade of "C" (no C-), is required. These courses are required for placement on the Wait List. Successful completion of a drug screening and criminal background check is required.
  3. Veritable_RN

    WCCCD Fall 2009

    Just wondering who went to the application meeting and what your thoughts are. I figured there were about 100-120 people. A few left because they were not prepared. I was one of the last to leave and was surprised at the people who were clueless. If you are going to apply it was pretty painless. You fill out an application and check your stuff ten different times. You put them in order and she staples them together. The board you follow says letters will be out by July which I think is a little longer than they will actually be becasue the next application date is June for Spring 09. Just a reminder: Transcrips from all schools you have attended HS Diploma or GED certificate Net results 2 reference letters on letterhead if work related 1 essay Police clearance ( within 30 days) people screwed up this one Yellow information meeting slip I think that is it. Good luck to all:yeah:
  4. Veritable_RN

    Questions about applying for the WCCC Nursing Program

    They don't care how many times you take classes and many people apply sevel times, it does not count against you. Good luck.
  5. Veritable_RN

    anyone know the dates for 09 info && app meeting??

    Information meetings: February 10th March 18th April 23rd May 4th June 11th August 24th September 8th October 1st November 18th December 8 Application meetings: February 16th & February 26th for Fall 09 admission March 26, April 29th, May 14th, June 15th, June 30 for Spring 10 admission.
  6. Veritable_RN

    Math Wiz needed

    Strange is not the half of it! The homework portion is not on the blackboard because it was not on the syllabus but she later told me it was worth 15% and I did not turn in half of it. Which is wrong, when ever she put in her weeks instructions to send her a report from the cd I did. Some weeks she stated " as always do you homework from the cd to practice for the test" The weeks it did not say to send the report I did not send it, the first week I sent the report and she e-mailed me that I did not have to send it that week. So I only sent it when her instruction said to. Well I recieved a C. She told me my grade was 82.9 and according to her scale 84 is a B. I am going to go talk to someone after the break because that C has brought my GPA down. Thank for you help and the link.
  7. Veritable_RN

    Math Wiz needed

    I am horrible at math. When I do math I just do it over and over and it will click. I have been trying to figure this out for a week and can not grasp the concept of different percents of a grade. In med terms these are my grades and what percent thay are worth. Can anyone tell me what my grade is? Thanks in advance. Also an explanation would be good so I can try to do it my self and get the same answer. Assignment .........% of grade ...............Total points .................my grade Case study ..............15 ........................100 ............................88 case study ..............15 ........................100 ............................0 Discussion board .......15 ........................70 ............................68 quizes .....................15 ........................1200 ........................1085 Midterm ...................20 ........................100 ..........................91.5 Final .......................20 .........................100 ...........................95 Homework ................15 .........................100 ...........................50 thank you
  8. Veritable_RN

    wcccd spring 09

    Hoopes= You need 12 credit hours, no you don't, get 51 on Net ,no now you need 58, 3 A's and 2 B's are good grades, not good enough, they go on GPA of pre-req's or maybe overall if that is better or maybe this time we will give you credit for past experience, but now have all your co-req's done too and we will give you special consideration. Is that explanation enough? I have been following these people on here and was very sad to hear that some did not make and empathized because I know how bad I will feel if I do not get in. I work full time, have 4 kids and go to school and I think that thew grades I get are well deserved! And I have a right to express my opnion if I choose. Go ahead and express yours just don't question me in the process. I am fully aware that it takes hard work and deitcation for nursing and would not want some slacker that just made it in to be my nurse but just because you get 4.0 does not mean that you will be a great nurse.
  9. Veritable_RN

    wcccd spring 09

    I am sorry to hear that some of you did not get in. I just went to an application meeting November 5th and the dates they gave us were... Feburary 26th for application meeting for Fall 09 and June 30th for application meeting for Spring 10. The other big change was that the reading comprehension was 50 is now 59. The composite score of 61 stayed the same. I am on the list for HFCC and may go to EMU seems like to many hoops to jump through for WCCCD. Again sorry for those that got sad letters, I have been checking the boards for the last few weeks and was excited to see if you all got in also. :heartbeat
  10. Veritable_RN

    WCCCD Medical Math

    Has anyone had a good experience with a medical math teacher? I am weak in math so I need an instructor that is not just giving out good grades but one that I can learn a strong foundation. Thanks in advance
  11. Veritable_RN

    WCCCD Deadlines

    Thank You for your help. I have taken Nutrition HSC 100. This semester I have Micro, A&P 2 and Lifespan. In January I will be taking Patho and Medical Math & I will be finished with all Pre and Co reqs. I went to an information meeting back in April, so I will for sure go to another one to get the updated info. Thank You again
  12. Veritable_RN

    WCCCD Deadlines

    I will be done with my core classes after this semester, does anyone know the deadline that will be next for me to apply? Who can I offically talk to about this information, at the school? I called last week and kinda got the brush off so I think maybe I should go in in person, but I am not sure where to go. I have been kinda lurking and have gotten alot of information from you all and I have gone to an imformation meeting, but the dates I have do not apply to my situation. Thanks in advance for your help
  13. Veritable_RN

    Question about WCCCD

    Information Meetings are as followed: August 5th September 10th October 2nd November 5th December 9th From 5:30pm-7:00pm Application Meetings August 26th September 15th September 30 Also 5:30-7:00 pm Hope this helps
  14. Veritable_RN

    Anyone taking Biology summer 2008

    I just finished Bio with an A and we used the book with the white bird on it. It has a web site that outlines each chapter, has pre and post tests and power point. Everyday after lecture I came home and watched the power point, and I had the outline in class with me. I did the pre test for each chapter and post test to see if I was progressing. Hope this helps Good Luck;)