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by_stander22 is a LPN and specializes in MEDICAL, SURGICAL, OB-GYNE, SCRUB NURSE.

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  1. by_stander22

    Foreign Nurses Immigrating to NZ

    What's this registration were you talking about? I really don't have an idea regarding on how to become a NZ nurse. thanks for the reply!
  2. Wishing you all the luck in the world for your new job interview!:yeah:
  3. Anyway, so I'm off until atleast Saturday, and I have an interview at an awesome local ICU. I would love to go to work there.. I know they have their stuff together. I would be proud of myself to work there... NOT scared to work there. lol Wishing you all the luck in the world for your new job interview!:yeah:
  4. by_stander22

    Contaminated Scrubs..do you wear scrubs to the stores

    I thought street clothes aren't allowed in the OR. This is shocking! You mean someone from the hospital will be the one who washes the employee's scrub suits? That's cool! Are you the owner of the scrub you're wearing or the hospital? Why not wash it yourself if they're not?
  5. Maybe, the patient's family can't afford the hospital rates (especially ICU rates) of sophisticated hospitals coz if I'm in a family member's shoes, I wouldn't admit my loved one to a hospital who lacks facilities. Risking a family member's life without uncontrollable reason is creepy! This is a concern of the attending physicians. It is their duty to talk to the family regarding referral to an appropriate hospital and let them sign a waiver if they want to stay. If attendings aren't concern of this, well, the nurse should open this concern to them. It's better to be assertive than to keep silent while risking your blood and sweat obtained license.
  6. i agree!
  7. by_stander22


    I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Your family could have requested for a room transfer wherein there are windows and where the sun rises. Was your grandfather on a mechanical ventilator at the time he requested to go outside and see the sun? Taking into account if he's not on a mech vent and he's not contented with the room transfer and he really wants to go out of his room, well, someone in your family could borrow a wheelchair from the nurses station and ask the nurse (if he's/she's not busy) to accompany them to the end 0f the hallway windows where he can see the sun with a portable Oxygen tank attached to him (if needed). As nurses, our responsibility to a dying patient is to respect their dignity for them to have a peaceful death. Granting a simple request of a dying patient leads to a happy death.
  8. Well, we can't avoid getting in touch with germs and you know that. In our hospital, all patient's room have this hand sanitizer dispenser wherein visitors, HC professionals can use before touching the patient and before leaving the patient's room. This can prevent cross-contamination. It doesn't take more time than doing the handwashing if they're in a hurry. The patient can also use it if he/she wants/needs to. Moreover, children aren't allowed to enter the hospital premises as a visitor. Security guards implement this strictly. If parents really insist to let their child enter then they need the permission of the infection control committee to be allowed to, so that precautions can be followed. Furthermore, immunodepressed patients should be put on a reverse isolation precautions.
  9. by_stander22

    Comprehensive Medical Surgical Floor

    I don't know what to call it but count me in. I was previously working on that kind of med-surg floor. Well, it's a common thing. Those things that youve mentioned are interrelated in some ways. OLd and young alike get sick and the first thing they'll do is consult to a medical doctor in turn finds out that the patient needs surgery then co-manage with surgeons. Cardiac drips are common in a med-surg floor especially patients trans out form the CCU and ICU and those elderlies with terminal illnesses. And absolutely, there are also psych patients but just seldom like patients who attempted suicide, alcohol and drug addicts who needs medical attention first than psych consult. It's really a variety and that makes it hilariously exciting.
  10. by_stander22

    I passed at 196 (or so) questions!!

    :yeah: CONGRATULATIONS! :yeah:
  11. by_stander22

    infratentorial surgery?

    post-infratentorial surgery position? thank you!
  12. by_stander22

    Which has fats?

    Sorry! my question was wrongly stated. The question is which is for a low fat diet? That's why I answered letter A but the books answer is letter B.
  13. by_stander22

    Which has fats?

    a. rice b. turkey breast, boiled rice, angel food cake My answer would be letter A but the book's answer is letter B. Just want to make sure if the book is wrong. Thank you!
  14. by_stander22

    IT feels sooooo good!!

  15. by_stander22

    IT feels sooooo good!!