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Community Health, Care Coordination and Geriatrics
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Kim Valentine has 40 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Community Health, Care Coordination and Geriatrics.

Kim Valentine BSN RN is a registered nurse and freelance health writer with extensive  experience in hospital and community health. Her current position is working as a Patient Care Coordinator is a small rural hospital with a passion for improving the health literacy of our communities.

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  1. When thirsty, most of us inevitably go to the tap or refrigerator for a drink of water or some other refreshing beverage. In most cases, we all take this simple task for granted. Our receptors will signal when thirsty, so we drink. Hydration can be...
  2. Oh my goodness Wuzzie, my heart goes out to you. I used to work in the community and this has to be one of the most difficult situations as a caregiver. It sounds like she has had several tests. Is she followed by a geriatrician as well? I'm sure N...
  3. Thank you for your comment. That must have been such a challenging situation for you to be in! I also wonder sometimes if "ageism" plays a role? I agree validated screening tools such as the CAM are so important to be familiar with and utilize i...
  4. I think the CAM is useful to draw attention to the clinician that there is a delirium going on and not just assuming the patient has dementia thereby delaying treatment. But it is a screening tool and not diagnostic.
  5. The first set to treatment is identifying the cause such as an infection, pain, constipation or abnormal lab values. Sometimes the solution is right in front of us. I know in critical care it is a challenge to alter the environment. In the hos...
  6. I think the first key is to identify if there is a reversible source, like an infection or electrolyte imbalance, etc. I see it more than I'd like to, that older adults in a delirium are deemed as having "dementia" and little is done for them excep...
  7. Kim Valentine

    Addressing Nurses’ Sleep Meter For Better Heart Health

    Thanks for this article with such valuable information. Certainly shift work is a challenge to having a restful sleep but you bring up some good strategies to use. I used to “need” 8 hours of sleep a night but as I age, that number seems to drop wher...
  8. Summary The percentage of adults over age 65 in the United States is now more than 16% of the population. Because this age group tends to have more comorbid and chronic conditions, they are twice as likely to be hospitalized as compared to people...
  9. Kim Valentine

    Duragesic and Tegaderm

    I have recently heard that the manufacturer does not recommend the use of tegaderm whatsoever. I lothe duragesic patches anyway!
  10. Kim Valentine

    Agency Structure

    Our agency is looking at changing their team structure. Currently we have small teams of 4 nurses, usually 2 RNs and 2 RPNs (registered practical nurse). With the current HR shortage we are looking at increasing the RPN utilization. I would just ...
  11. Kim Valentine

    Duragesic and Tegaderm

    Recently a pediatric oncologist ordered 12.5mcg of durgesic on an 8 year old home care client of ours. This family is not covered for the 12.5mcg patch but is covered for the 25mcg patch. The oncologist ordered us to place half of the patch on tega...
  12. Kim Valentine

    Ideas for Creative In Service

    I am a clinical nurse educator for a visiting agency. I oversee the education for two divisions which comprise three offices. Two of the areas have good attendance for the once-a-month inservice education. The third area is a much busier division. Th...
  13. Kim Valentine

    PICC reaction vs infection

    I recommend using the Biopatch along with a securment device like Statlock. The new stats on Biopatch state that PICC infections are reduced by 60%. That is a significant evidence for me to adapt my practice.
  14. Kim Valentine

    Do you care if they want you to remove your shoes?

    Any shoe covers that I have seen don't have any kind of traction. In my mind they would increase your chances of falls in the home. I'll continue to take a "spare pair" with me.
  15. Kim Valentine

    Do you care if they want you to remove your shoes?

    Actually it was explained to me that if you suddenly were in an unsafe situation in a home and had to run out quickly, you need to have shoes on. Also part of the health and safety regulations if you were to ever injure yourself (in particular your ...