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  1. Shadow31

    Sigma Theta Tau membership

    I just received my renewal in the mail. I will NOT be sending any money to them. I originally joined because of some of the "benefits" that they list on their website. I tried to use the career assistance program and never received any help. I believe in supporting organizations that support nursing. I think my money would be better spent joining a different organization.
  2. Shadow31

    New grad salary in Boston hospitals?

  3. Shadow31

    How's the Economy for RN's?

    I am also in Boston. Graduated BSN, with honors, in May 08. I am still looking for a position.
  4. Shadow31

    Name your poison

    This is what got me through NS as well. I acually factored Starbucks into my school expenses! :wink2:
  5. Shadow31

    It's time.....let's talk support hose, shall we?

    I wear Jobst open toe full panty hose (don't want those little piggies squished all day). You can purchase them in different degrees of compression. The compression is gradual, being strongest/more in the lower leg for support and circulation and less in the abs so you can still breathe. They are pricey ($45.00 or so), but I love mine! They take a little time to get into in the morning and it isn't pretty to see me hopping around the room trying to get them on, but wow do they help when you are on your feet for over 12 hrs on a nice hard floor! BTW I'm 36..... I understand the hesitation to wear them. The only ones that know I wear them are my bf and the cat. They actually help me to look slimmer, bonus!
  6. Shadow31

    Is Boston good for jobs for new grads?

    Alexk49 are you referring to those ADNs with experience? I have a BSN and have applied to many, many hospitals in eastern MA; from Lowell to the Cape, even on the Cape. I graduated in May 08, with honors, did my preceptorship in CCU/CVICU and cannot find a position. (I did move here from out of state, so that doesn't help.) Most positions I have seen require a BSN. If they don't require it then it says "preferred". I am sure an ADN with experience won't have near as much trouble as one without. To the OP: maybe you can get some experience before you come to the Boston area? ....if the market hasn't changed by then.
  7. Shadow31

    Is Boston good for jobs for new grads?

    Short answer is "no". Boston is not the place for new grads at this time. There are many posts on the MA board that discuss the current new grad market in this area. This may change by 2010. All you can do is keep an eye on the market to see what happens.
  8. Shadow31

    75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    This poll shows that 83% or so of us passed with 75q, isn't that what the national average is of those that pass the first time taking the NCLEX!?! I guess our not so scientific poll substantiates this. I took it this past Aug. I studied WAY too much and stressed WAY too much! Looking back I wish I would have taken it the first day I had the ATT. I used Kaplan and Saunders. Kaplan helped with getting me used to how to break down the questions and not how to fall into traps. As far as content... there is no way to know what you are going to get. If you did well in school and are confident in what you know you should be OK. I was one of those that passed with 75. Good luck to those that are getting ready for the test!
  9. I am a New Grad BSN and also new to the Boston area. I have been looking for employment for some time now and am considering medical offices. In my searches: Monster, Career Builder, Craigs List, etc., I have not notice any Dr.s offices looking for staff (RNs). Where do these offices advertise for their openings? Any suggestions on where to look? Thanks.
  10. Shadow31

    My two least favorite words

    "No Job" The words I have to say to my mother when she calls ....."No Mom, no job yet." (I just spent 4 years in school and can't seem to find a job even though there is a supposed "Nursing Shortage" )
  11. Shadow31

    New grad training programs

    I graduated in May with my BSN and still don't have a job. I wouldn't want to even think about trying to get a job with an ADN. Most openings that I have seen (>95%) say BSN required. I know that makes things harder, but I thought I would let you know what it is that I have been seeing posted for requirements so you are not surprised.
  12. Shadow31

    Where to get BLS/ACLS?

    One of these actually works for me. I really should be at the one you are attending, but got to your post too late. Please let me know what you thought of the class. Thanks for the info!
  13. Shadow31

    Where to get BLS/ACLS?

    I am in need of renewing my BLS and interested in getting my ACLS. I am a new grad (May of 08) from out of state and not currently working so I don't have an employer to go through. Can someone tell me where I can renew my BLS and how to obtain an ACLS on my own in the Boston area? I have Googled this information and have found classes through UMASS that do not fit my schedule and a couple in the Springfield area, which is too far for me to drive. It seems as though there should be more classes that I am just not finding by searching the internet. Thanks for any information!
  14. Shadow31

    New grads having trouble finding jobs

    I graduated in May (with honors), licensed in Massachusetts in September, have been applying to every open position since the beginning of September, and I am still unemployed. I graduated with my BSN in Nevada and have heard from my former classmates that they have had a difficult time finding employment as well. As many have said on the boards here, they find it difficult to have to explain to people why they can't find a job even though there is a so called "nursing shortage". I believe that in some areas (rural) that there is a nursing shortage, while in others the market can be saturated (Boston). I do understand that in Las Vegas (where I moved from) that many hospitals have closed a floor or two and will not be staffing them do to financial restraints. Situations like these do not help those that are new grads either. Some nursing schools tell you nothing about having a difficult time finding employment once you graduate; I was told the opposite. I do know that in many areas they are short experienced nurses and are not interested in new grads. I hope that once we get that first year of experience our hardships of finding employment will change.
  15. Shadow31

    hospital locations

    Look at Henderson, it is south of Las Vegas and only at 15 min drive by freeway to the Wynn depending on traffic and which end of Henderson you choose to live. There are plenty of appartments to rent and probably houses in this area. Keep to the "Green Valley" area and you will be fine. For hospitals look into St. Rose Dominican or Sienna. Look at a map of Vegas/Henderson and map for hospitals in the area. Check into the schools in the area. I can't help you with this since I don't have children. Best of luck!