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  1. RN2b74

    Continuing Education credits

    Hello all, My RN license expires May 2010, are there forms I should expect to receive before renewing or am I supposed to send the State money. No clue as to how this goes any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. RN2b74

    Pay Scale

    What is the starting pay for new grad RN's in LTC in chicago and surrounding suburbs.
  3. RN2b74

    Best study guides for nclex rn

    I like you failed the Nclex the first time. I had one above passing and the rest below passing. I didnt know where to start it seemed like nursing school had not taught me anything. I wanted to take Kaplan review course, but it was far too expensive for me, So i pulled out my Saunders 4th edition and began doing the questions on the CD one system at a time if I didn't do well in any particular system I reviewd the chapter in the book. I did this for a month and a half. Do as many questions as possible this has been said so many times, but it really works. Passed NCLEX 2nd time with 75 questions using only Saunders. Good Luck for next time you'll do great.
  4. RN2b74

    Help!! LTC or hold out for hospital

    Thank you for your reply I was just afraid that I wouldn't learn the same kinds of skills that I could in the hospital, but your right this economy is soooo bad right now. I didnt expect it to hit nursing like it has. I guess I have a decision to make and fast because no ones going to be holding a job for me to decide. Thanks for your input.
  5. I am a new grad I have been applying for hospitals in chicago and south suburbs I applied to one LTC and got offered a job, which is great, but the only problem is should I start my career off in a LTC or is a hospital what I need to kick things off. Please advice anyone.
  6. RN2b74

    Looking for job as RN

    Hi everyone i recently took and passed the Nclex RN:yeah:. I have been studying so much that i didn't realize that it might be hard to get a job, for some reason i thought i would start applying and people would start calling, but to my surprise that is no way near the case. So I guess i was wondering does anyone know of places that are hiring or any upcoming job fairs I live in the south suburbs of chicago. Any info greatly appreciated.