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  1. transitioning from acute setting to ambulatory

    ChitownRN17 hit the mark on a few of the pros and cons. It is nice to have weekends and holidays off, but patients get mad when you call (they only want to speak to a doctor!). I often get chewed out by patients when I answer the phone; they only wan...
  2. Ambulatory Care Certifiction Exam

    I'll be honest, I don't remember. I have been looking all. And, of course, I tossed the flash cards right after I took the exam. Sorry. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) website has some good reference material. Good luck!
  3. Ambulatory Care Certifiction Exam

    Yes, I took the exam. It wasn’t too difficult; I think the NCLEX was harder! It was roughly the same type of questions, but when I took the NCLEX I had never done any nursing before. But now that I’ve been an RN for many years, I just used critical t...
  4. Imposter syndrome?

    I thought nursing was going to be easy because I aced all my exams in school. I had a high GPA so I thought that equaled great nursing skills. Then, when I hit the floor, I felt like I never even went to nursing school. You will be asked one hundred ...
  5. Ambulatory Care Certifiction Exam

    Y'all, I have been working in an Ambulatory Care clinic for the last few years, and I felt that getting certified was the right thing to do. I am scheduled to take the exam next month. Has anyone else out there taken the certification exam? How was i...
  6. Seeking advice of correctional nurses

    Respect is a two-way street. When I was working corrections, I probably got more respect from inmates than I ever do with the patients I have now (I work in an Ambulatory Care unit in a large metro hospital). The patients I work with now treat me lik...
  7. Rapid response in the clinic

    I work in a busy Ambulatory Care clinic, and we have RRTs all the time. Typically, it is only one-to-two ER RNs and an RT. In our hospital, a RRT is meant to be a low key event: it is not advertised over the hospital intercom. The ER RN who shows up ...
  8. Clover Park Technical College....anyone going???

    I am starting the Clover Park RN program this fall (2011). Can anyone let me know how the program is? Thanks.
  9. Clover Park Technical College

    Is there anyone out there attending the CloverPark Technical College's RN program? I start in the fall and I don't know anything about it. Are classes held during the day? I have a 9-to-5 job so I hope I can make it. Thank you.
  10. USM Accelerated BSN???

    I also applied for May 2009 and still haven't heard anything. I applied September 6, and the school told me not until after x-mas will I hear anything.
  11. Living near UMFK

    Hi everyone, I was just accepted into the UMFK Acc. BSN program and I was looking at where to live. Are there any suggestions? Is rent do-able? Is there even anything to rent? Thanks
  12. UMFK acceptance

    Yeah!!! I just got accepted into UMFK's Accelerated BSN program. I am absolutely excited about it. I just wanted to tell everyone because you guys will all understand.
  13. Aloha....introduce yourself

    Aloha all, I was stationed in Hawaii for five years at Tripler. I worked throughout the hospital so I am familiar with all aspects of it. I currently live in Washington, but I just got here. If anyone has any questions about Tripler please fell free ...
  14. How bad is traffic from Waikiki to Tripler?

    It isn't that bad if you are going to be working night shift. Days is another story! I lucked out because I lived in the Salt lake area which was only a five minute drive from the hospital. I recently left Tripler after five years and I can tell you ...
  15. USM Accelerated BSN???

    Thanks for the information. I recently applied and I really hope I get in, but of course, that 25 students out of 280 makes me a bit nervous. I took A&P 1 and 2 as well as Micro, Chem, Nutrition, Stats, and so on, and I completed it all with a 4....