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  1. Nerdy RN

    Imposter syndrome?

    I thought nursing was going to be easy because I aced all my exams in school. I had a high GPA so I thought that equaled great nursing skills. Then, when I hit the floor, I felt like I never even went to nursing school. You will be asked one hundred questions a day by patients and families and ancillary staff, and none of the answers are stuff you learned in school. You just slowly get a little better and a little smarter, but you will never have the answers to everything!
  2. Y'all, I have been working in an Ambulatory Care clinic for the last few years, and I felt that getting certified was the right thing to do. I am scheduled to take the exam next month. Has anyone else out there taken the certification exam? How was it? Did it pay off in the long run, etc? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Nerdy RN

    Rapid response in the clinic

    I work in a busy Ambulatory Care clinic, and we have RRTs all the time. Typically, it is only one-to-two ER RNs and an RT. In our hospital, a RRT is meant to be a low key event: it is not advertised over the hospital intercom. The ER RN who shows up decides whether it should be a full-blown Code, or the patient should be transported to ER before it comes to that (which is always what happens). There are no MD who show up, or 100 Residents wanting to get their hands dirty. RRTs should be on the DL, until they need to be upgraded.