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I have been working in an Ambulatory Care clinic for the last few years, and I felt that getting certified was the right thing to do. I am scheduled to take the exam next month. Has anyone else out there taken the certification exam? How was it? Did it pay off in the long run, etc? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Hi Nerdy RN,

I'm interested in getting this certification. Did you take the exam? How was it? How did you prepare for it? I'd appreciate any information you can provide. Thanks!

Nerdy RN

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Yes, I took the exam. It wasn’t too difficult; I think the NCLEX was harder! It was roughly the same type of questions, but when I took the NCLEX I had never done any nursing before. But now that I’ve been an RN for many years, I just used critical thinking to answer the questions.

I did study of course. I purchased a stack of study guide index cards online and it helped a lot. The cards pretty much just cemented what I already knew.

The test was 150 questions and it took me about two hours. I received the results the second I hit the submit button at the end. So now, I can put RN-BC behind my name. I definitely advise you take it. My boss was impressed!


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Can you tell me which site you bought your flash cards from? I am going to sign up to take this test. Thank you

Nerdy RN

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I'll be honest, I don't remember. I have been looking all. And, of course, I tossed the flash cards right after I took the exam. Sorry.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) website has some good reference material.

Good luck!