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  1. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    “So what about about a male gynecologist? “ Feel free to read my earlier comments on this issue. 
  2. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    Oncology nursing is not the same as labor and delivery, though. You don’t do recurrent vag exams and stare at a patients vagina, potentially for hours, while you wait for the baby to come out. When I was an oncology patient, it was embarra...
  3. RN Jobs That Do Not Require Covid Vaccine

    Agree The problem is when people have a degree based in science and (supposedly) protecting public health. If you are going to pick religion over science, healthcare should not be your job
  4. RN Jobs That Do Not Require Covid Vaccine

    Oh boy
  5. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    “What is the issue with a male OB nurse, excluding history of sexual/domestic abuse?” Just want to go on record to say many women, myself included, do not even have to be a victim of sexual or domestic abuse to not want a male nurse. Am I am...
  6. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    Again, I was OK with two male OBs when I had my kids, *because* I had worked with them and personally knew them, therefore I felt safe with them. I would not feel safe with just any male OB. I’m not a hiring manager, don’t want to be one, ...
  7. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    Yep. That’s what I said. “Sexist and discriminatory?” Fine. It doesn’t change how I feel about it I also said I’d only accept a male OB that I already knew, felt safe with, had a relationship with. (Assuming I was given a choice and didn’t liv...
  8. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    “But the fact that you mention what would make you comfortable for your daughter just suggests that you don't like the thought of male L&D nurses.“ I admit I don’t like male L & D nurses. Not even trying to hide it. When you come in...
  9. Got Fired Help Plz

    During orientation is often the only time you can somewhat “easily” fire a new employee, especially if it’s a union hospital. When I was a preceptor for the new grad program at a hospital approx. 7 years ago, we had to do a LOT to help each ...
  10. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    Those are great points and I appreciate the legal issues you brought up. Think we can all agree - It’s probably good that I am not in charge of hiring!
  11. Got Fired Help Plz

    Reread what happened. The problem is not your manager. You are unable to recognize what a big deal this was. This is ICU. You left without doing all of your major charting and are defending yourself by c/o about the manager and thinking that yo...
  12. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    It means "Do you know what is involved? - the vag checks to see how effaced or dilated you are, placing foleys, the being naked and vulnerable, the looking at someone's private parts while they may be in stirrups helping them to figure out how to eff...
  13. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    Have you had a baby? That informs this dialog. Yes, but the moms (typically) pick their OBs, and have established relationships with them over the course of many months....so there's a relationship there. If they felt uncomfortable with that O...
  14. Got Fired Help Plz

    You needed to be fired if this is what happened while you were on orientation. If you don’t know what you are doing, people can die. You were in over your head. Apply to easier jobs. I say this as a former patient and as a precept...
  15. Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    I have done labor and delivery at three hospitals in the past. I would not feel comfortable with a male nurse, and no way would I feel comfortable with a male nurse for my dtr. No way, no how. I had a male OB once, who I had worked with and ...