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SheNic1 has 10 years experience as a NP.

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  1. SheNic1

    Home care NPs

    Thanks for your input!
  2. SheNic1

    Paragon clinical Illinois NP's

    Any Illinois NP's out there who presently or previously worked with Paragon clinical group? If so what was your experience like both the good and bad? Thank you
  3. SheNic1

    Home care NPs

    Hi all, I am thinking about applying for a home health care NP position, however I never worked in this type of setting. I was wondering if I could get some feedback from any NP’s who have worked in home heath care. If so what were your likes and dislikes in the type of practice. Thanks
  4. SheNic1

    Cath Lab NP's

    Hi, I am currently working in the cardiac cath lab and interventional radiology suite where (permcaths, PICC's, mediports, and various vascular angiograms are performed). I will be applying to NP school this fall. I would like to know if there any NP's who are currently working in any clinical area such as the cath lab/IR because I have never seen any NP's used in this capacity only PA's. I really find this area interesting and would like to return to this type of clinical environment. Just wondering what opportunities are open for NP's in this clinical capacity. SheNic
  5. SheNic1

    Michigan NPs?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and considering NP as a career choice. I am hoping to gather some info from any michigan area NP's out there. I just started researching the NP field and neighboring NP programs in the area. I would greatly appreciate info on the current job market, salary and clinical specialty areas(cardiac, neuro, ortho) of practice for NP's? Also, any info./feedback on any NP programs in the Metro Detroit area appreciated. Thanks SheNic

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