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    PRN position vs. hourly job security

  2. There is a strategic opportunity to be inpatient at a comprehensive hospital for PRN. The position is odd in that it’s suggested that 28 hours a week with more than the fair share of weekend work but with mo guaranteed hours. Scheduling is three days consecutive per week. Pay per hour is good but with no benefits. Is this strange that this is not classified as part time? The director says hours are available and that outside of covid lock down, the staff didn’t have reductions the last few years since she has been there. also is it easier to fire a PRN employee and by how much? For instance is there a performance improvement plan or is there just a cessation of hours? Thank you! Im new here and need advice
  3. The purpose of the question is to ascertain the perception of potential employers, right or wrong, in their analysis of ltac work as inpatient experience as valuable or not in the context of seeking work in a comprehensive hospital. what experiences have members on this board had? I appreciate the serious advice!
  4. If someone works PRN and hasn’t been called in a while, are they still employed by the institution? What does one put on their resume in such a situation? Do future employers see how long you have been with the institution or just your start date and last day worked? how should one inquire about their status with the institution or boss? At what point should one quit? I saw my position advertised and it is a small facility. Should I try to salvage