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teenarn has 15 years experience and specializes in all kinds.

Perioperative nurse for 15 years

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  1. teenarn

    Masters degree for OR?

    I got my Master's as a Family Nurse Practitioner and some physicians need them in their office and as an assistant in surgery. Check out that option. You would need to choose a specialty and learn how to scrub and assist proficiently but you could start gaining information now.
  2. teenarn

    Role of LPN in OR

    In California, the state law requires an RN in the OR, no LPNs or LVNs may be the circulator
  3. teenarn

    2009 On-Call Pay Scales

    $7.50 in Los angeles
  4. teenarn

    Changing jobs

    I think if you look into surgical centers who need staff on an as needed basis, you may find what your looking for! What part of the country do you live in?
  5. teenarn

    Masters degree for OR?

    What is your goal? What would you want to do with the Master's?
  6. teenarn

    Perioperative book

    Berry and Kohn's is a more easily readable book than alexander's. The AORN standards are subject specific and will only educate you to specific standards of the specialty. CCRI has a new book out, check their website.
  7. I am taking a poll on what kind of CEU offerings Perioperative Nurses would be interested in. I know that to maintain CNOR certification you have to have 300. What would you like to learn about?