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  1. hello, I saw on a closed post regarding botox and derma fillers; in AZ you go to a medspa ran by an RN with her med esthencian license and doesn't need to work under a MD. I've been trying to loacte this information for arizona. do you know where I can find it?

  2. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    always keep a pair of hemostats nearby for a pt with a chest tube for when clamping is necessary normal paco2: 35-40 mm hg normal pao2: 95-100 mm hg hypoventilation: a person is not getting enough o2, therefore their rr goes up (compensation-hyperc...
  3. Welcome To The NCLEX September Support Group

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I graduated from the PN program yesterday, and am also studying for the NCLEX. I love all of the kind words and tips! Good luck everyone!
  4. Looking for discount immunizations in the valley

    Various Walgreen's offer discount immunizations throughout the valley.
  5. Administering Botox and Derma Fillers

    Thanks-I found this very interesting and helpful!
  6. MSC start date May 8, 2008

    Unfortunately, FA is an obstacle at MSC. When I began 7 months ago, I was required to put down $1,200 (which I had to borrow from my dad). I qualified for a Pell grant and I also took out a loan. It took the school 4 months to give me my deposit back...
  7. Administering Botox and Derma Fillers

    Hi I am also interested in Botox/derma fillers (however I am still in school). From what I have been told by the Rn's I have spoke to here in AZ, you need to be RN certified, and also have a medical esthetician licence. Botox/derma filler companies t...
  8. MSC start date May 8, 2008

    You are given scrubs (two sets) in block B. There are 3 blocks. The reason they don't give them to you in block A is because we don't start clinicals until block B. And yes, they are yours to keep, as well as the books. There is a small on-campus lib...
  9. MSC start date May 8, 2008

    Yes they do look at your NET scores. You will def get in with your scores. I scored higher in math than I did in reading-I don't remember the exact numbers, but both my reading & math scores were in the 80s/90s. They are a lot stricter now than t...
  10. You know you're in nursing school when....

    omg you that is so my life life right now! i loved it, thanks for making me feel so not alone lol!:heartbeat
  11. MSC start date May 8, 2008

    Hi there. I am a student at MSC, I am in my second block (the LPN only has 3). The school does have some issues but probably nothing more than any other college. The books come with the cost of tuition, so they are yours to keep. However, I have spen...
  12. You know you're in nursing school when....

    You know you're in nursing school when you give a nursing diagnosis to everyone you meet....risk for falls, impaired skin integrity, anxiety......
  13. Vegan Diet - Healthy?

    I subscribe to two sites that send me weekly recipes. All are vegetarian and some are vegan. and YUMMY! :heartbeat
  14. Vegan Diet - Healthy?

    this is my favorite recipie to make. i omit the corn chips & add black olives. this recipe is a peta favorite. it's easy to make and extremely flavorful--a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! 12 oz. vegetarian burger crumbles (try morningstar farms b...
  15. Vegan Diet - Healthy?

    Its funny you should ask that. I eat ALL the time. The foods I choose to snack on are low in calories and healthy like nuts fruits, veggies, smoothies with protein powder, whole grain crackers & breads, etc. My meals though do fill me up. I have ...