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  1. EliseM

    International Public Health

    Hi Melrose, It's been a few years since your post. I'm wondering which direction you ended up choosing and how things are going? I am a public health nurse and am looking into working abroad as well. Thanks!- -Elise
  2. This is a federally matched county program. Our current assessment form we are finding to be too detailed and includes specifics about each body system, etc when we only need limited information in those departments. The goal of the visit it to determine needs and connect to available resources and educate about health, parenting, etc.
  3. Hello All- I am a field nurse in case management and we are currently revamping our health assessment forms. I am looking for samples from other counties and programs so we can build something that works best for our program. We work with primarily low income moms and babies and though our main focus in the homes is not direct care, careful assessment is a critical part of our work. Any input from nurses in other field nursing programs is more than welcome. Hope this finds you all well and thank you for your time~*
  4. EliseM

    Donations of Sunscreen--how to get some...

    Wow!! I am blown away. Thank you all. I will get going on these straight away. Thank you again!
  5. EliseM

    Donations of Sunscreen--how to get some...

    I very much appreciate your reply and will put that into action as well. My kiddos are mostly under 2yo. May have to get creative though, per your suggestion :) Thanks so much.
  6. Hey All- I am a new PHN for a county that has a limited budget (doesn't everything these days...). I am in the department of field nursing and have seen a real need in my clients for sunscreen for their kiddos. I have seen enough pink heads and cheeks that I have begun seeking donations of sunscreen. The clients I serve do not have sufficient funds to keep food on their tables and thus sunscreen has taken a low priority. I have been looking at the big corporations (thinking they were the type with some to "spare") such as Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Target, Burt's Bees, etc. But all declare that they do not participate in requests for donations "at this time". I am just hoping to get some input on areas to try or companies to get a hold of that may be interested in donating for this sake. Thanks for reading and any input is helpful. Very Best.
  7. EliseM

    New RN working in Group Home

    Howdy- I am a new grad and looking for work in public health. I think I would enjoy working in group homes as well and I'm wondering what the best way is to find homes? I have looked online and with the state website(s) but have not had much luck. Any tips for this Californian? Thanks!
  8. EliseM

    It's official I give up can't find a job anywhere

    I would keep on your BSN track if you can. Once things open up in the job market, you'll be all the more hire-able with that extra letter. I wish you the best. California is having a hard time as well. But things will change, they have to. Keep on!!
  9. EliseM

    Need Public Health Nursing Certification

    Your BSN may have included these hours as part of their curriculum...it's kind of "sneaky" and doesn't feel necessarily that you are settling in for some hours of a course. I would contact the school from whom you received your degree and see if it was included. If it was, you get the paperwork from the BRN's website and pay the fee ($75) and make sure they (BRN) receive a transcript from your school and you should be good to go! Best of luck!
  10. EliseM

    Nurse Practitioners and Global Health

    I have been having a similar debate. From what I have gathered, it really depends on what you want your role to be and what kind of organization you want to work for. For MSF and other emergency medical aid organizations, your degree in nursing will be great (need those mandatory 2 years acute care experience though to apply). An NP title will vary with respect to your role in the organization, but you will have that mighty ability to prescribe and diagnose, if you think that is something you'd prefer. Because you mentioned community health, a BSN will get that for you (most programs include a public health certificate which enables you to work in public health-doy:p). My goal is to work abroad in a developmental aid sort of role. I want to work with the populations long term to improve things and thus am seeking a public health position now (just out of school) before I venture out and about. Anywho. Keep researching and keep going back to the root of what you want your work to be like. You'll get there :)
  11. EliseM

    what pediatric specialty do you have?

    Hey there, I'm wondering, if you have your RN, do you get to choose an area to specialize in? I am debating between going for my RN or BSN, etc...would be keen to work with the kiddos. If possible to choose with RN, when in the studies do you begin to focus on one particular area? There should just be one huge guide book on how to do all this stuff....choosing a degree, choosing a school, choosing a specialty,...:uhoh3:I feel like I'm always dancing in circles, getting different answers from different folks. But, that is all part of it I suppose! :bowingpurEnjoy and thanks for your time
  12. EliseM

    US RN abroad

    Have you checked into New Zealand? They are in a huge labor drought. You'd have to take equivilancy (sp?) tests, but they are desperate for help and getting a visa is pretty easy-peasey. Best of luck! Weather is perfect, people are lovely, air is clean as can be! ...Paradise...
  13. EliseM

    Any abroad programs?

    Hey All- I am beginning my hefty line up of prereqs to get into a program (any that'll take me!) and I have been peeking around online trying to find a program that offers time abroad with classes...have any of you heard of one? I am undecided if I'll head for RN or a higher degree (I have a BS already, but it's getting me nowhere), but I'd love to find a program abroad... any thoughts?