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    nurses and spelling

    I believe nurses to be some of the most well educated, bright and savvy professionals across all disciplines. My question is, why can't a large majority spell? I am talking basics here, for example their, there and they're. Is this a general failure of education or specifically science-oriented curriculum? It is embarassing.
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    Difference bw Doctors and Nurses

    I was thinking about this last night and came up with "doctors put you in the hospital; nurses get you out" Nice little tagline...
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    Pre-employment Test for TT R.N/s

    Hi there, Has anyone been required to take a pre-employment test for telephone triage, or know of anyone who had take an aptitude test to get a job? Thanks!! Marie
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    SCC Block One Hazing

    Hi there, Just wondering if my experience in Block One at SCC is typical. It seems as if the program is oriented towards punishment as opposed to reward. The instructors do everything possible to make things as difficult as possible (logistically) and inconvenient. They don't provide support, counseling or assistance to students and as an "applied program", their attitude and approach is counterintuitive and counterproductive. I feel like we are being "hazed". I think a quality program has a high degree of rigor along with a high degree of instructor involvement and support. Any opinions or similar experiences? Indys mom
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    SCC Block One Hazing

    tootie, California?
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    SCC Block One Hazing

    Well, good for you tootie and best of luck in nursing. I might kindly suggest that you review your lecture on research as it may aid you in determining fact from opinion, objective data from subjective data. A key aspect of nursing and, for all of those who work in healthcare, is the ability to empathize and refrain from making judgements about others. Your experience may be vastly different from others in the same situation. It is great that you have a positive attitude, but I would be very careful about making generalizations. If you check your research lecture, you will see that this is referred to as invalid data due to a limited sample size (i.e. you).
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    Yelled at for posting on AN

    Hi there, I got called into my nursing instructors office and was admonished for posting online! They looked at my profile info to find out it was me. What do you all think about this? My mistake for posting or invasion of privacy? Thanks, Bormio
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    Yelled at for posting on AN

    Thanks dudette10! I didn't think my original post was inflammatory. I was merely asking a question about styles of instruction. It is nice to know there are still some sane folks out there who don't feel we should take everything that is dished out to us. I can take a lot of crap, but when folks start to make assumptions, jump to conclusions and jump on the judgmental bandwagon, I will respond. Thanks again!
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    SCC Block One Hazing

    According to Merriam Webster dictionary, the definition of hazing in the context in which I used it as a transitive verb is: a : to harass by exacting unnecessary or disagreeable work b : to harass by banter, ridicule, or criticism Note to tootie: Welcome to allnurses.com. Just so you are aware, personal attacks are not allowed and will be edited out.
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    Yelled at for posting on AN

    I have changed my profile information since my original post. My original post did not name any individual or deal with any specific incident. I have not disparaged or criticized anyone. The purpose of my original post was to determine if my experience in nursing school is typical or if it is outside the norm. I haven't posted anything that I regret or don't stand behind. I guess it would have helped if I included my original post, but of course I won't do that because I would rather stay anonymous at this point.
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    Yelled at for posting on AN

    Wow, I didn't expect such a response. To clarify a few things, it is not possible to "defame or slander" an institution, only a person and I did not name any individuals. Additionally, the institution is not a private institution, but a county, state and federally funded organization. I am not employed by them and I am technically the customer, purchasing a service. There isn't anything in the student handbook that even mentions posting on a public web site. I am not surprised that they saw my post, read it, figured out it was me or had a negative reaction to it. Frankly, that was my point. I did not, however, expect to be harassed and intimidated because of my post. Nursing school instructors may feel they are holding all the cards, but there is increasingly more competition in the marketplace from private institutions. Instructors need to be "customer-focused" just as they emphasize that we operate from that perspective with our patients. In addition, I don't feel that you make a good nurse through intimidation. I don't buy the argument that we will be under significant stress once we are out there in the real world, so we're going to make things as stressful as possible in nursing school. I think that makes nursing educators seem petty and insecure. My plan after nursing school is to go into some type of advocacy position with an organization that lobbies for the rights of patients and nurses. My experience in nursing school, however, is not giving me any reasons to want to advocate for nursing education or the professsion.
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    Yelled at for posting on AN

    Thanks haleyanna19. I can't believe they would monitor posts! A bit Big Brother ish to me.
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    SCC Block One Hazing

    I do know what you mean, but it isn't like feeder classes, which are theory-based. It isn't hard from an academic point of view. I find it more like an endurance test. I do believe that in an applied program, instructors need to spend the majority of time working with students on specific skills and less time lecturing, which is information that can be learned through reading and independent learning. Thanks for the support, though, and you're right nursing is stressful too, and so I need to be prepared for that!
  14. You will not be successful in a job, in nursing school or in life if you focus so intently on what others are doing and why. You can never predict how people will behave or even expect them to behave as you would. You are not the arbitrar of right and wrong. How will you able to treat folks with compassion or empathy if they have lifestyles or beliefs that are different from yours? You NEED to value what you do...there are many, many people who won't.
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    Can an RN be fired for being immunocompromised?

    This is outrageous! Don't leave a sick patient it's abandonment, but if you're an employee and you're sick, we will abandon you!
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    SCC Students Info on PO Med Check Offs

    Thank you so much! We do the check offs on Friday, so this is very helpful!
  17. Hi there, Has anyone been through SCC Block One Med Check offs. I am just wondering what to expect. Also, how many students didn't pass on the first try? Thanks, Indysmom
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    Overwhelmed in clinical! Not a good feeling at all!!!

    I think you have to expect periods of complete disillusionment. don't attach signficance to it and just keep moving! When you complete you program, it will not matter! i experienced this the other day when I had a crappy first clinical and failed a quiz. I just decided to leave it in the pass and move forward. Just a yucky week, nothing to really learn from it, except forget it and keep moving forward.
  19. Hi everyone, I am 48 years old and am (cross my fingers) getting into Scottsdale Comm College Nursing program in August. I will be finished in December 2011 with an AD. I have taken all the co-requisite classes for a BSN, so I hope to finish that quickly. I got an MHA in 1989 and worked for 15 years in Health Strategy and Planning. By 2012 I want to move out of Arizona and start a new life as a nurse. I will have at that time, an A.D., BSN, MHA with six month experience as an R.N. My question is, will my Masters degree help me get hired or make me more attractive as a candidate? Will it help me if I choose to go overseas for example to Singapore or Australia? And finally, will my education increase my wage? Thanks, Marie
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    The most important thing to know to differentiate these two programs is that Medicare is a federally funded entitlement program and Medicaid is operated and administered by each state, but is federally subsidized. As a nurse, or any other healthcare professional, you should be able to explain the difference between these two programs. Medicare does not pay for any services provided outside of the U.S. Each state administers their own Medicaid program and sets rules about who is eligible and how much they will reimburse and also determine the structure of the program. Within certain guidelines, the Feds subsidize Medicaid programs. Also, Medicare, as an entitlement program, is not part of the "discretionary" portion of the federal budget. Social Security is also an entitlement program.
  21. Hi there, I found out I am number 21 on the waiting list for SHC/Scottsdale CC Accelerated program for Fall 2010. I feel like I have been waiting soooo long! Tuesday can't come soon enough. Does anyone know how they notify you if you make it in?
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    Anyone else waiting anxiously for March 23d?

    Allieinaz, you beat me to it - posting the schedule that it is.
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    Shopping online

    I just found out I will be starting nursing school in August and I am ready to shop! We have school scrubs we must wear, however, there are lots of accessories I will need (or want) like a watch, stethoscope, books, etc. What is your favorite online shopping site for nursing stuff? What accessories do you like and is there any gadget or accessory that you can't live without? Thank you!
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    Am I going to make it?

    Wow, talk about a tough job ... so challenging mentally.
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    Am I going to make it?

    I was watching Emergency Level One last nite on DHC and a 16 yr old gunshot victim came into the ER. He kept asking the nurse if he was going to make it. The nurse finally said "I don't know, we are doing tests and the doctor is the person who would know". I was horrified that the nurse would say this to a 16 year old! (He was fine - soft tissue wounds only) What do all of you experienced ER nurses tell a patient if they ask you if they are going to die? Does your answer depend on specific circumstances or patient types or do you always say the same thing?