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  1. mesaray

    Help with the question LVN or RN?

    hello everyone, i really enjoy reading all the discussion questions in the forum. i have started a blog just for fun and to help people answer the question lvn or rn? i have been an lvn since 2002 and have been in the medical field for a total of over 10 years. i have a lot of experience and would like to offer what i know to those people who don't know. it includes common questions such as private school or community college, lvn or rn, taking the prep classes. i am making it interactive so if you want information you can just ask it there and i will try my best to answer it fully. i am now in school once again obtaining my bachelors in healthcare administration and would love to answer any questions about that. the whole purpose is to let people who are maybe interested in pursuing nursing to ask those common questions that i also had to visit making my decision. please subscribe to my blog. i just started it today and am so excited about sharing it. here is the link: lvn or rn and how 2 get there... . thanks!i also have a sister who just got her bsn and i am willing to answer questions in regards to her experience.
  2. mesaray

    I'm so mad I could SCREAM! (LONG)

    It sounds so odd to me that a nurse who is suppose to be a model and teacher to you would get offended by asking that question. Shame on her!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that you absolutely did nothing wrong my dear..... You don't let those kind of nurses get to you and bring your spirits down. You have every right to question if this med was given especially when this patient's b/p was that high. If I was that nurse, I would think that I have a smart student on my hands and I would totally appreciate and invite the investigation. I wonder if she did something wrong and was trying to turn the tables here. Take a DEEP breath and just move on. Cheers to you for being a good nurse!:heartbeat
  3. mesaray

    Anyone take the TEAS exam, recently??? 4/2008

    Wow!! Congratulations on passing the TEAS exam with a 99 %. Thank you for the pointers, I will definately make sure to know the metric conversions. Thanks again!!
  4. mesaray

    Anyone take the TEAS exam, recently??? 4/2008

    Thank you so much for answering my question! I will go ahead and continue studying the book and hopefully I will pass on the first try. I believe we only have 3 try's. Since you passed the TEAS exam, are you accepted into the RN program yet? I am being told that I have to pass another exam called the ATI LVN comprehensive exam? Just wondering how that exam is too? Thanks!
  5. I am studying for the TEAS exam. I have bought the book from ATItesting.com. Is this book adequate enough to pass this exam? Is the exam hard? Any suggestions in what to and how to study for the exam? If you don't pass then what happens? I would love to hear from your experience? Thanks!:typing
  6. Any new RN graduates from Unitek College from Fremont, CA? Just wondering about your experience? Is it worth the $38,475? What is it like in the program? How many hours of schooling did you do? What was the schedule like? I am an LVN and am considering entering their program. I am at the step of studying for the TEAS exam. Very nervous about this exam! Also, I hear that we have to take the ATI LVN comprehensive proctored exam? Some information on that exam, pleasse? I would love to ear about your experiences, Thanks!
  7. mesaray

    Unitek College LVN program... good or Bad??

    The latest info 4/2008, the cost of the program is now $38,475. This is for the LVN to RN ADN program. Before admittance, you must pass the TEAS exam at >68%, you then need to enroll into the lvn to RN transition course (3 weeks). At the end of this course you take the ATI Comprehensive Proctored exam, which is basically an exam which tests your LVN skills ability. I am not sure what the passing score is on this? Then if you pass, you move on into the program, if not, then you must retake the class which costs around $3300. Also if you don't pass, then you have to wait until the next batch of LVN's entering into the program, probably a 3-4 month wait. Of course all your pre-requisites need to be completed before you enter the program as well.