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  1. loverlylys

    first interview.

    after debating for some time, i had went last week to a LTC to apply for paid nurse aid training. however, i don't think i got in. i was going to enroll in my local tech schools program next week. today i got a call from a LTCF that i had applied to as a residential aid (i think it's a non-certified nurse aid) my best friends mom happens to be the person who trains the aids and such there. i have an interview on thursday :) i'm so excited! i'm not to afraid since my best friends mom, who i've known would be the one training me, so i think i'd be alot more comfortable if i got the job. i'm still kind of nervous though. has anyone ever worked as a residential aid, what exactly does the job involve. i'll be working part time, afternoon shift. i know the facility is a non-lift facility so thats kind of a relief for me since this is the first time i've worked as an aid.
  2. loverlylys

    cna/stna jobs in youngstown/warren.

    Thanks :) I've recently had a bad experience with St. E's, with me being the patient. In the future I think i'm going to look into St. Joe's. But for now I think i'm going to be working at Shepard of the Valley.
  3. loverlylys

    cna/stna jobs in youngstown/warren.

    When I call who do I talk to? Thanks so much :) I'm going to try St. Joe's too cause it's a bit closer, but they are affiliates.
  4. loverlylys

    cna/stna jobs in youngstown/warren.

    Does anyone know of any hospitals in the youngstown/warren area hire cna/stna's? When I go to the websites there is nothing posted. I'm going to start my training in June, and I want to work in a hospital, but it seems like only LTC hire cna/stnas around here.
  5. loverlylys

    LPN programs.

    I currently live in Ohio, my family however lives in Vegas. I got wait-listed on a LPN program here. It's been in the air for awhile now, that I go live with my family in Vegas. I'm kind of taking this "thinking" kind of seriously. I was wondering if anyone could tell me a good, not difficult to get into program in the Las Vegas area? Does any community college offer it? I'm kind of worried about the cost, because I couldn't really afford to go to school here in Ohio. I've looked into CSN, which didn't seem very like it work out well since I haven't got my cna license yet, plus I have no experience. Is there any other ones I should look into?
  6. loverlylys

    Move to Pittsburgh?

    I definitely agree. I, myself am from New Castle. I grew up there, my parents both lives there all their lives, until my Mom got remarried and moved us to Youngstown. But Pittsburgh is my city, I love it :] Once I get all my ducks in a row, I plan on moving there for nursing. I think it be nice to be close to my family (my Dad and immediate family still live in good ol' New Castle) But New Castle it self has changed so much. I was considering on going to Jameson for their nursing program but quickly changed my mind, it's really too bad.
  7. loverlylys

    Wages for LPN & Cna

    Salaries for LPNs & cnas in Las Vegas? I live in Ohio now, but my family lives in Vegas, so i'm contemplating moving out there. I was just wondering what the pay was like :)
  8. loverlylys

    cna, to be or not to be.

    I finally after a year of being out of school decided on a plan. I applied to a LPN program, I take my pre-entrance test May 7th (the program i'm applying to stopped giving the NET and started with the WorkKeys test.) upon signing my paperwork, my advisor informed me the class filled up that afternoon so i'd have to wait until Fall 09 to begin the program. I felt defeated, but I knew this was to be expected. So now i'm trying to figure out what to do with my life, to bypass the year i'm going to have to wait. I currently work in Retail, which I thought was for me, only to find out I really can't do it anymore. Plus the money isn't very good, I know nurse aids don't make much money, but I can't survive on $400 a month. My best friend is a stna/cna, although she is totally advising me aganist it, my school advisor and some nice people here have really convinced me to become a cna. I've talked to my Mom and she's agreed to pay for my classes come June. I'm worried because i'm not sure I can handle BM or vomiting. I know it's going to take some time getting used too. I eventually wanna work with children/teenagers, for some odd reason, the idea of BMs or vomiting with them don't bother me. Just with the elderly. I'm kind of in a sticky situation right now, because I really do wanna do the cna training, but i'm really worried that I won't be able to handle these simple things with the elderly. It was something I was concerned about with being an LPN but I was hoping maybe I could find something outside of LTC. But for a cna/stna in this area all that is available is LTC or assisted living.
  9. loverlylys

    Nervous :[

    Thank you so much for your words of support :) I just ended up finding out that after I take my pre-entrance test i'll put on the waiting list for Fall 09 which i'm very disappointed in :[ So I have a big wait infront of me.
  10. loverlylys

    TCTC LPN program.

    I'm going to be applying to the LPN program at Trumbull Career and Technical Center. I went and registered for my Work Keys test today. How do they decide from this test if your accepted to the program? Do you have to get a certain score? When I took it my senior year of HS (2006) I got a 77 in math and a 78 in reading. I've been practicing online but i'm wondering what score they're looking for.
  11. loverlylys

    Nervous :[

    When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a nurse. I'd bandage up anything I could find for the hell of it. Slowly as I got older and realized I wasn't the smartest person in the world, I got rid of my dream. I went to a four year University for a year, it just wasn't working so I stopped going in Spring 07. In august i'm going to be starting a LPN program and I couldn't be more excited. I'm hoping to get a BSN sometime in the next 5 years :] I'm starting to become really nervous cause I hear how hard/challenging nursing school is. I wasn't the best student in high school (but for what it counts, I did amazing in a&p, I got C's in allgebra, C's in Bio, and I failed Chemistry.) I know if I put my mind to it I could get through this perfectly fine. I'm just not really good with studying as you can tell (I kind of stumbled apon it very late in my life.) I'm afraid i'm not going to make it out alive, and I really want this right now more then anything. I'm also afraid that i'm going to do something wrong once I get to have some patient experience. Did anyone else feel this way? Can anyone offer up some advice to me? Thanks loves :)
  12. loverlylys

    cna/stna training in trumbull county.

    I'm going to be starting a LPN program at TCTC in august (well aslong as I pass my entrance exam!) I want to get some patient care experience so I want to get licensed as a cna/stna. Does anyone know any programs offered around this area? I live in Newton Falls, so Niles/Warren area would be ideal. I know nursing homes offer the program, is anyone familiar with any around here?