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  1. I have signed up with four travel companies and I have heard about all of them, except Professional Nursing Service. I was wondering if anyone has traveled with them and how they treat their nurses. I appreciate anyone's help/advice. :)
  2. I have been looking for a decent ICU assignment since the beginning of Decemeber. Mostly the areas I am interested in are AZ, CO, NM, and CA. I am working with Trinity and Cirrus, and, so far, they don't have any good assignments to offer. I was t...
  3. Cross Country vs. American Mobile

    I worked an assignment with Preferred Healthcare which is a sub-company of American Mobile. Pros: The housing was excellent. Free health insurance. Cons: My recruiter was hard to get in touch with. I was lucky to hear from him once a week. He also...
  4. NP working as RN

    I did a bridge program from B.A. to MSN and recieved my RN and ACNP. In TN, the pay rate for NPs is not much higher then RNs. Personally, I choose to be an RN b/c I love being by the bedside. I don't like clinic work where you are required to see ...
  5. I am a Burn nurse in Chattanooga, TN. Recently, our hospital closed our Burn unit. For the most part, it has been a difficult transition from burns to the regular run of the mill ICU patients. Most of us arelooking for possible burn units to travel...
  6. Cleveland clinic Weston, FL

    You are right. Working the floors at Cleveland Clinic is a nightmare. The nurse to patient ratio is unfair and if I was a traveler for med-surg or tele, I would not recommend it. For ICU nurses, it is a nice place to go. I did forget to mention t...
  7. Cleveland clinic Weston, FL

    I just finished an assignment at Cleveland clinic in Weston, FL. Just wanted to shed some light on travelers who are interested in going there. My pay was $28/hr. I worked day shift and floated between SICU/CVICU and MICU. Overall my experience t...
  8. I have been a nurse for 5 years (all of it in a hospital setting). I have been thinking about getting out of the hospital and doing something different. Private duty nursing sounds like something I would be interested in. I would like to cut out the ...
  9. St. Lukes Mayo Jacksonville

    It is a great place to work. I worked there for two years and loved it! They have moved to the new hospital now and the rooms are huge. The nurse to patient ratio is 4:1 on the floor. Sometimes 5:1, but only if they are short. If you work at nig...
  10. Help! Need advice concerning Jackson Memorial in Miami and pay-rate!

    Thank you Alisabeth. I found your advice helpful in making my decision to taking the assignment. I have heard a lot of positive responses concerning Jackson Memorial. I feel a lot better after reading your reply. Thanks!!!
  11. hi, i am a first-time traveler and recently was offered an assignment in jackson memorial hospital in miami. i have a couple of questions and would greatly appreciate any kind of feed back. 1. the pay is $28.90/hr working days in sicu. is that a r...